its all abowt motivayshun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo no my brother tucker the other vizsla is supposedly a sweet old dog hoo just sleeps all day on mamas lap

wel tucker then how do yoo eksplayn this???

now i am shoor tucker will put on his funny hat and smoke his pipe and try to proov that it wuz akchooally me hoo did this to the frozen chikkin wot mama left in the sink for a fyoo minnits however it just so happens that i hav viddyo of wot reely happend:

wel tucker wot do yoo hav to say for yoreself?!?!

28 thoughts on “its all abowt motivayshun

  1. Uh Dennis, I hate to tell you this but you didn’t really get Tucker eating the chicken. Oooops.
    Tucker, you are sooo sweet.


  2. Hey Tucker, good job. Sprocket did that once when mom brough in groceries and left them on the floor for just a few minutes. But he got into the Christmas rib roast! Well that was quite a few years ago when Sprocket was in his prime, before I came to live with him . But he loves to tell me that story! Mom just cut off the part that he nom nom nom on and didn’t tell anyone! Uh, oh ho mom I was just telling Dennis a little story…….


  3. Hmm I dunno Dennis with the low video qualitee you could prolly pass fer Tucker if you jest put sum gray on yer muzzle. Stick yer nose in the fireplace mebbe if you got one. Then jest think of all the trubble you could get away with!

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. I want to know if your Mum and Dad still ate the chicken. Did they? Or did they give it to you lads?

    Jim says: Actually the chicken was for the dogs, so he would’ve gotten some eventually anyway. He just couldn’t wait …


  5. One of our dogs will only counter surf when we’re not looking, the other one almost knocks me over trying to counter surf.


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