Mission Accomplished … ?

Having successfully captured the so-called “monster” that had been terrorizing the Bog of Eternal Stench, my gnome guide and I have embarked on our return journey to the Goblin King’s castle, where we will present Tucker to him and let him know that the threat is ended.  Then, perhaps, the Goblin King will permit Tucker and I to leave this bizarre realm.  I can only hope …

As usual, Hoggle takes us on a winding path through the mazes of the labyrinth, but finally, the Goblin King’s castle comes into view. Judging by the large sign on the wall, he will be there, waiting to speak with us.

The interior of the Goblin King’s castle proves to be just as confusing as the lands surrounding it, a crazy network of stairs and corridors assembled into seemingly random configurations. Hoggle, however, knows the way, and soon we find Jareth in one of his great halls. We present Tucker to him and explain the circumstances under which we found him, but the Goblin King is unimpressed.

Predictably, the Goblin King goes off on a rant, and once again my mind wanders, only to be brought back to harsh reality when he issues another dire warning of our fate should we fail him.

It seems that although Tucker is, like the monster, a furry red creature, he is in fact not the one that the Goblin King sought.  We shall have to make the long, arduous, dangerous trip back to the Bog of Eternal Stench, and try again.

It is a difficult task that the Goblin King has set before me; but I have no doubt that I can accomplish it.  Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

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