hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this week i got too nice frend tags frum my gud frends shadow and boo bear heer they ar:

first is the luvly frendship flowr frum shadow:


as yoo can see this sez frends ar the flowrs in the gardin of life now i did not no that life wuz a gardin but now that i do i wil be on the lukowt for sum yummy plants like tomatoez and karrots and the verry rare but wunderful raw meet flower plant wot tucker keeps telling me i shud go owt and find evidently it grows in the mowntins of sowth amerika or sumthing according to this map wot tucker droo for me:

he even droo me the fastest root to git their so i dont hav to go arownd the bend in that narrow spot thanks tucker yoo ar reely a pal!!!! ok so mooving on i wood like to giv theez frendship flowers to sum of my nooest frends such as:

ok nekst is this uther luvly frend tag frum my noo frend boo bear heer it is:


this pikcher is cuverd with pritty harts like on valentines day not like the wuns wot yoo can eet now the roolz say yoo must giv theez harts owt to ate peepul so i wood like to pass them along to ate of my most oldest timest frends:

i wood giv them to tony the tasmanian too if i cud find him

of korse i hav so menny gud frends i hayt to leev ennywun owt becuz i am a vizsla and as yoo no vizslas luv evrybuddy!!!  now if yoo wil ekskyooz me i hav a meet flowr to go find ok bye

18 thoughts on “frends!!!

  1. Hey Dennis, I ho;pe you got some flippers handy. You now all that blue where the short cut is? Thats water, so you might be swimming the whole way to the meat plant.


  2. Dennis
    Thank you so much fow that awawd! and congwatulations to you fow getting bof of those cool ones..I hope you have good luck following that seems pwetty cleew.
    I can’t wait to see what it’s like
    smoochie kisses


  3. That looks like a purty short trip what is it like four inches? I think you can prolly jest reach right over and pick the meat flower from where you are sitting!

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. Oh my!

    Tank woo tank woo tank woo!

    I’ll get my sekhretary on it in the next few days!

    Khongrats on yours – furry furry nice!



  5. Hi Dennis…thank you so very much for the friendship flower award!!! I really like the map that Tucker drew for you…but did you tell Tucker that swimming to South America from California would be very exhausting!!! You’d have to really like water!!! But it might be worth it to get a meat flower…WOW!!



  6. Hay Dennis,

    Thanx 4 the frendz thingy. We havent ben bloggging 4 a long wile and dont no if we hav 8 frends any mor but we wil trie 2 find them agin.

    Jonesy, Sissy & Tinky


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