flyball turnamint!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? yesterday i went to my first reel flyball turnamint ware i akchooally compeeted how abowt that??? now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking wow dennis so tel us wot is the life of a profeshunal dog athleet like wel yoo ar in luk becuz i am heer as a profeshunal dog athleet to tel yoo all abowt it!!!

first of all i got to sit underneeth a cool tent wot had a grayt big banner on it:

now i am not so gud at the reeding thing but i am pretty shoor the banner sed sumthing like dennis is a good vizsla dog hoo warez a cool hat ok nekst we hav this pikcher of me chillin in my crib wile i wayt for my tern to run:

ah yes this is such a metafor for the life of a famus dog athleet sutch as myself i hav all the comferts i cud want but i must liv in a gilded cage just like the famus filosofers rush sed in there song limelite wot is abowt how famus peepul cant even go owt to the store to by citrus froot withowt there red barchetta beeing chaysd by paparazzi

wile i was chillin owt in this fashun i met a kuppel of other reskew vizslas hoo wer verry nice wun of them had a spot on him ware no fur ever grows poor vizsla i no how yoo feel for a long time i didnt think i wood ever grow my fur in eether but its mostly in now eksept of korse for on my big mistery scars but my scars ar wot giv me my street cred so its not so bad!!!!!

ok mooving on heer ar a kuppel of akshun shots of sum of my teemmayts raysing bak with balls in there mowths:

now i no wot yoo ar thinking agin yoo ar thinking hay dennis thats verry nice but ware ar the pikchers of yoo running with the ball in yore mowth??? well the trooth is i dont hav enny such pikchers becuz mama wuz bizzy racing with me and dada wasnt their becuz wen dada is their i suppozedly alwayz leev the korse and bring the ball to him so he can throw it for me but this is a falshud i only bring him the ball seven or ate times owt of ten ha ha ok so ennyway layter on i got to perform the most importent job of all:

thats rite i wuz in chardj of the cooler hay sorry fella yoo cant hav enny margaritas yet yoo hav to rayse in ten minnits!!!! ha ha no im just kidding we didnt hav enny margaritas we had strawberry dakkaris ha ha no i am kidding agin it was just water and stuf but i wuz still in chardj of it so their!!!

the astoot reeder may notiss that in this pikcher i am sitting on my water bed wot helps keep me cool in the hot irvine ayr now its not wun of those waterbeds wot has leppard print sheets or ennything i am not that kind of athleet i am seeryus abowt my gaym!!! besides my leppard print sheets wud just git dusty if i brawt them owt to the feeld with me and they ar dry kleen only so it wood be pretty inconveenyent for me to hav to git them lawnderd all the time

wel it wuz a pretty gud day all in all eksept in this wun rayse the judj wayvd a flag at me becuz he thawt i didnt hit the boks wich i did and i was so startld by the injustiss of having a flag wayvd at me that i didnt no wot to do but layter on the flag man admitted he wuz rong and i had hit the boks so as yoo can see flyball reely needs to hav wun of thoze big screens wot shows an instant replay hay mama wood yoo git to wurk on arraynjing that????  ok thanks!!!!

i didnt win enny prizes and i didnt kwite git my sertificate becuz on the last rayse i was a littel confyoozd on akkownt of they moovd us to a difrent layn but i liked the layn that we had ben in the rest of the day and kept trying to run that wun insted espeshly when i notisd their wuz anuther dog their going over my jumps hay thats my lane buddy!!!!  however i think i did pritty gud for my furst time owt and stil i wuz better off than theez poor dogs wot we notisd wile we wer gitting reddy to leev:

hay dogs wurd to the wize just git a garmin noovi like wot my mama has and its a gud thing too or els insted of irvine we wood hav ended up in like albakerkee or sumthing and then i wood hav gottin arrested and that wood hav mayd it hard to rayse ha ha ok bye

21 thoughts on “flyball turnamint!!!

  1. Yet ANOTHER thing this khanine wouldn’t be furry good at!

    But woo do look like woo had a furry great day –

    Your sky is beaWOOtiful!



  2. No way you got to compete that is the awesomest! I’m still trying to teach my Hoomans what Tatum’s Mat Flying is but they want me to carry the icky ball in my mouth and I just want to play with it and then spit it out.

    The Mum here says that if she could come to your tournament she’d take pictures of you! She loves to take pictures!


  3. Wow Dennis, you are the first athlete wot I have ever known personally. I am proud of you Dennis. You have come a long way thanks to the love of your mama and dada.


  4. Dennis, we are in awe that we know a professional athlete. Sweet!
    Me and Mom were watching Dawgs 101 on Animal Planet yesterday and they did one on vizslas and they said that vizslas are the most cat-like dawg and that they don’t smell. I thought the cat-like thing was weird but I think it’s lucky not to smell because I bet it cuts down on the baths. Anyway, when the vizslas came on, Mom said, “Hey T! The vizslas are on – just like Dennis the Vizsla Dawg. They didn’t show my breed on that show (I don’t think “floofy pink and white” is a real breed), but it was cool show to check out.

    Your pal,


  5. wow, i had no idea there was so much scandal and so many controversial calls in flyball.

    i’m so proud of you dennis. you are such a great athlete. and you should be proud of your parents for involving you in so many cool things.

    you’ve got the life. let us know when the endorsements start rolling in!


  6. I can’t believe how warm it looks where are either, Dennis! Wish I was outside having fun, and I’m not even athletic! It’s been around the 25-degree mark in Maryland, and I can’t wait for spring. Then it’ll be strawberry daiquiris and margaritas for everyone! 🙂


  7. Fantastic first time around, Dennis! Was it really hot enough in Irvine for a waterbed? I don’t think all the folks in the -10 degree weather would sympathize with you a whole lot!


  8. Is dat what they call runin and runin and runin? Oh I wud so be a good athlete, acuz I can run run run and play play play and jump jump jump! but I know yoo so I dun has to be an athlete acuz yoo can do dat all while I nap. Ok?


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  9. I don’t know anything about all these athletic things, but I think you did well Dennis! Goodonya mate!

    Thanks for your comment. It surely was an odyssey and I have my paws, erm I mean fingers, crossed for good results! 🙂 xxx


  10. Them judge peoples are so worried bout rules and whatnot! Dennis that looked like you had lots of fun and that is what is important. You know what my Mummy sez dont worry bout what other people think of you jest be yerself and in this case I guess being yerself means you should run in whatever lane you wanna run in.

    Yer pal Dozer


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