this is so not fare

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay chek owt this stuf wot i saw dada eeting as a snak the other day:

now i no wot yoo ar asking yoreself yoo ar asking yoreself the saym thing i wuz wich is wot the hek is tamarind??? wel lets tayk a luk inside the bag shall we ok heer goez:

hmmm ummmm that is sertinly sum intresting stuf in their lets tayk wun owt and hav a closer luk at it

wow that luks yummy duznt it???  i am shoor that that yoo hav now come to the saym konkluzhun abowt this stuf as i did:

obviusly tamarind is just a fansy too doller wurd for cat boks kruncheez!!!!  and wot is so unfare yoo ask??? wel dada duznt let me eet cat boks kruncheez and he even bilt a fense in frunt of the cat box so i cudnt git enny as i menshund in my feeld notes from my kwest for the lost kong and yet he goez owt to trayder joes and bys himself bags of fansy pants imported cat boks kruncheez in a bag wot he eets behind my bak!!!  this is an owtrayj!!!!  i demand my fare share of cat boks kruncheez and i dont even need fansy pants wuns in a bag i wil harvest them directly frum the playse whense they are planted so wot do yoo think shud i start a petishun or sumthing????  thanks for yore support ok bye

21 thoughts on “this is so not fare

  1. My initial thought was, “Wow, those things look less appealing in each picture”. Then, when I saw the words “Cat Box Crunchies”, I laughed out loud. I am glad that we no longer have a cat. Watching our dog walk in from the other room with a few “cat box rocks” stuck to her lips and smelling her “urinal breath”, is something that I do not miss.


  2. this was an interesting post to read as i eat my breakfast. 😉

    dennis. he’s probably not letting you eat them so he can harvest them and sell them as a delicacy. he is merely tasting the competition to see how he can improve his product.
    or, rather, trouble’s product.


  3. My mom and I are soooooo snikhkering!

    I’m glad woo went and visited Mango The RH – isn’t he – ummmm Relentlessly HUGE?

    He’s a hoot!
    And he was furry impressed with your redokhorating!



  4. OMG, TJ’s carries this??? I grew up eating this stuff as a snack. In fact, when I fist moved in with DH, I tricked him into thinking I was indeed eating cat caca. HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Jim says: They do indeed! Although if you want the REAL stuff, you have to go to Trader Noe’s. 😉


  5. Eeeeeew. Dennis, that’s gross.

    I suppose you are going to try to market this stuff now, being the entrepreneur you are. Let’s see, how ’bout Katabehind instead of tamarind?

    Behr Behr 🙂

    ps, I only eat horse droppings. They don’t use boxes.


  6. Mr Dennis, be careful with your actions. One of your comments mentions the effect of ‘urine breath’, now that is most undesirable in a handsome chap. Some things are best left as they are, unless you wan tot keep the biatches at bay????
    Velvety Kissies


  7. I feel your pain Dennis. You said your dada built a fence so you couldn’t get any cat box crunchies. My mom put a cat door in so I couldn’t get to the cat box. At least she didn’t go behind my back and get her own cat box crunchies….



  8. It has been a long time since any kittys lived here but I dont recall their crunchys were partikularly tasty. Kitty food tastes better if you eat it before the kitty does ha ha.

    Yer pal Dozer


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