The Monster Revealed

Last week, we thought we had completed the quest set before us by Jareth the Goblin King, only to discover that he sought a different red beast that had been haunting the Bog of Eternal Stench. Little did we know that even as our quest seemed on the edge of failure, it was about to take a bizarre twist …

To our surprise, the monster from the Bog of Eternal Stench had spotted us, and followed us all the way back to Jareth’s castle, revealing himself after the Goblin King had muttered something about chafing and wandered off.

And to our even greater surprise, the monster is not a monster at all, but a large, friendly, and very disoriented musician:

I manage to persuade a reluctant Hoggle to assist us once again, using his extensive knowledge of the labyrinth and the network of contacts he had accumulated over the course of his career as a gnome.

The Goblin King will surely be displeased that we have gone behind his back to find our own way out of the labyrinth, but at least we have solved his monster problem. Once Ludo has gone to Macon to sing with his band, the Bog of Eternal Stench will return to its original state of noisome tranquility.

But before we can make good our escape, the Goblin King surprises us with his unexpected return, and reveals the true motivation behind our quest.

It turns out that this whole mission was part of Jareth’s scheme to capture the monster and prevent him from rejoining his band, so that Jareth could take his place! We have unwittingly given Jareth free tickets out of the labyrinth, and doomed poor Ludo to never performing hits like “I’m No Angel” again. As Jareth’s goblins lead us away to the dungeon, my mind works furiously to come up with a way out of this; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

11 thoughts on “The Monster Revealed

  1. This is perhaps the most ridiculous blog with a clear requirement of effort being involved that I’ve ever come across. Kudos sir.


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