the i hart yore blog award tayk too

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at wot i got frum my gud frend behr rake:

as yoo may rekall i wunse got anuther hart frum my gud frend gina so now this meenz i hav too harts just like doctor who the faymus time lord nekst i just hav to git wun of those tardis things and i wil be reddy to go:

watch owt daleks i am coming to git yoo ha ha ok well ennyway it seems i wuz reemiss the last time wot i got this award and didnt hand it owt properly becuz this is wot the fine print sez:

The winner can put the logo on his/her blog. Link to the person you received your award from..then nominate seven OTHER blogs! Put links of those blogs on yours and leave a message on those blogs you’ve nominated! So basically…keep passing it on!!

wel yoo no me i never reed fine print thats wot loyers ar for so i gess i hav to pass this award on to ekstra blogs lets see ummmm seven plus seven thats seventy seven blogs holy cow thats like my entire list of frends!!!!  wow ok this is going to tayk a wile but — wot???  oh dada sez seven plus seven is just forteen wel that is a much smaller number but still higher than i can kownt fortchoonatly the kompyooter can kownt for me so ok heer goze:

  1. the dogs wot go owt and abowt
  2. the limericks wot ar abowt kitteez
  3. luxor the cat wot is wite and wot hasnt ever tried to kill me like sum kitties i cud menshun hoo liv heer and ar naymd trouble
  4. penny the oranj kitty wot also hasnt ever tried to kill me
  5. brisztow the urban mutt wot is not a mutt but is in fakt a vizsla like me
  6. eduardo the puggle wot snuggels and tuggels
  7. shelley and the corgis
  8. gabby wot is a vizsla like me and her sister flirtie wot is a dobie wich i am not wun of
  9. victor the kitty wot is a vampire but not like those vampires frum that moovie wot kaym owt last yeer
  10. the puppy dog blog abowt the chihuahuas
  11. the garden in catalan ware yummy fud grows
  12. aafke the dragon in the clouds
  13. the blog wot is wun door away frum heaven
  14. and the cat wot is black and has lots of folleez

whew that is a hyooooooooj number of links fortchoonatly i hav the majik numbring sistem to help me owt now i hav to go see abowt fiksing my tardis ha ha ok bye

14 thoughts on “the i hart yore blog award tayk too

  1. Wow, Dennis thanks, I don’t have that many friends because I kill them.

    Dennis says: ha ha pennycat thats why i like yoo yoo ar so funny!!!! ummmm yoo ar kidding rite??? ok bye


  2. Congrats Dennis. I was probably supposed to put the rules wot go with the award but I never do. 😛

    Dennis says: oh thats ok they are mor like gidelines then like roolz ha ha ok bye


  3. IT is lovely for people to give you their hearts Dennis 🙂 Just make sure that you do not wear them on your sleeve… haha fashion buddie! ;)Congrats on your awardie! 🙂
    I am still a visiting but Momma can’t comment as much nowdays, she is bust with stuffs around here 😦 This is NOT cool Momma! 🙂
    Thank you also so much for thinking of mez.. but seeing as I am not blogging for awhile does that means it still counts? 😛 hehe

    I ❤ you too Dennis!! :))In a man way of course! 😉 hehehe


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