the misteeryus fetch observer

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yesterday i wuz playing a gud gaym of fetch with dada wen sumthing verry misteeryus happend!!!

it started owt as a perfektly ordinary gaym of fetch with me running and ketching my goose:

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis why duznt yore goose just fly away???  wel i tuk the liberty of remooving its air bladder before we got started with the hole fetch thing:

surjikly remoovd goose air bladder $3.99/pownd

the air bladder of korse is wot enabuls birds to fly and so withowt it the goose duz mor of a fall on the grownd sort of thing and then i can ketch it ha ha ok heer we go agin

hey dada wot the heck???  yoo ar suppozed to throw the goose on three not on fore!!!  and try to hang onto it wen yoo pick it up ok butterfingers??? lets go agin and try not to emberress yoreself this time ok

throw the goose dada throw it throw it throw it!!!!!

now thats more like it!!!!  wheeeeeee!!!!!!

hay wait did yoo see that thing??? no not that thing the other thing!!!! way in the back!!!! the shadow thing wot came sneeking up along the fence to watch me ketch that last goose!!!! ok fine i will draw yoo a pikcher:

wot is it???  is it sum sort of doggie gost wot has come to watch me play fetch???  is it a dog shaped black hole wot???  is it my shadow wot eskaypd last week wen dada aksidently closed the door on it as i wuz running owtside???  oh wayt never mind that happend to peeter pan not to me wel ennyway i wil investigayt theez straynj events further and let yoo no wot i find owt ok bye

17 thoughts on “the misteeryus fetch observer

  1. Dennis
    Thank you fow the infowmashun on what makes gooses fly..I have been known to do quite a bit of suwgewy on vawious aminals myself..I know they feel much bettew aftew..not so stuffed
    smoochie kisses


  2. Dude. You are WAY TOO well-behaved. I mean, leaving YOUR precious goose at your person’s feet? What gives, man? Who serves whom at YOUR house?

    You see, the trick is to make your person work for it. Like run, chase, and fetch. You’ve got it backwards.


  3. Dennis, your catching ability and concentration are amazing. Is that what makes the bird not fly? Thanks for clarifying that.


  4. Woe is we…..couldn’t view the videos, boohoo! We’re sure they were great though, we are using our incredible Hound imaginations, mmmmm! We like the pictures though. Apart from that last one, it’s spooky….you be careful over in that corner, ok?
    Slobbers xx


  5. Dennis, can I come to your place for lessons? Momma says I am “retrieving challenged.” Maybe if I had a cool goose like yourself…



  6. Hey Dennis I think that you definatly cooked taht goose, so to speak. And as for the mysetious observer, it could be a ninja hedgehog!


  7. Thats a good price fer air bladder or so I hears. Now bout that mysterius observer… did you teese him afterwards by prancing around with the toy in yer mouth? You will find out real fast if it is an enemy that way!

    Yer pal Dozer


  8. I like how you drop the stuffie on your Da’s shoes. I don’t think you’re getting enough spit on it though. You should really slobber on the stuffie so it would leave marks on his suede shoes. That would be cool.

    Aren’t there 2 observers? A dark one and a light one?


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