a skolalry treetis on how things wot fly fly

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel after my erlier post abowt how my canada goose toy cant fly away frum me on akownt of i remoovd its air bladder i reealized that menny peepul wer unaware of birds and there air bladders and so i hav kreeayted this eksawstivly reeserchd skolarly treetis on how things wot fly manadj to stay in the air heer it is:

ok first we ar starting with yes a canada goose only this goose has not had its air bladder remoovd by me yet as yoo can see the retractable air bladder eksawst vent in the bak provides the thrust wot keeps the goose in the air as it flies above the snowy grownd just too fast for me to ketch sum day goose sum day … the cold air kawzes the eksawst to be visibul utherwise yoo woodnt be abel to see it wich is probly why most peepul dont no how bird flite wurks ok lets moov on

nekst we hav a helikopter wot wuz flying arownd behind my howse now menny peepul probly think that helikopters stay in the air on akkownt of there rotor on top but as yoo can see in this pikcher the helikopters rotors ar in fakt compleetly moshunless so if it relied on them to fly then it wood fall like a rok insted the helicopter is evidently kept in the air by an invisible force beem wot is beeing projekted by the elektrikal tower wot is underneeth it this is why yoo ar diskuradjd frum kliming elektrikal towers becuz if yoo aksidently step into the force beem yoo ar likely to get thrown hi into the air and then yoo wil hav to be sayvd by this nekst eksampul of a flying thing:

yes thats rite its sooperman!!!! menny peepul beleev that sooperman is abel to fly on akkownt of the gravity on erth beeing so much liter than gravity on his home planet of krypton but that is just nonsense in fakt sooperman is kept aloft by his gud luks and his self confidense and a helthy dose of the famus antigravity kemikal nown as brylcreem also i hav herd that he buys pixie dust by the pownd frum tinkerbell and sinse sooperman has nuthing but happy thawtes he is abel to fly pritty much non stop as a reesult

now this is a hummingbird wot flew into the howse and nokd itself owt mama pikd it up and carreed it arownd until it recoverd and floo away thus giving us an unpresedented chanse to see how it manadjes to mayk those remarkabul manoovers in midair:

go go gadget hummingbird!!!! amazingly enuf the hummingbird operayts on the eksakt saym prinsipul as the helicopter rite down to how the rotors dont spin wot a stunning eksampul of perralel evolooshun!!!  ok lets luk at owr nekst thing wot flies or duz it????

nekts up we hav the famus buzz liteyear spayse soot wot is suppozedly yoozd by nasa astronawts on mishuns to the fayk spayse stayshun wot is set up in a moovie set sumware in the mithical land of nevada now this soot duznt reely let yoo fly so much as it lets yoo fall with stile in this particular foto we can see that wun of those socalld selebritty spayse toorists is waring the soot in this kayse wayne of waynes wurld fame hay wayne hoo is we yoo and the mowse in yore pocket???? ha ha ok lets moov on to owr last eksampuls of things wot fly and how they do it:

yes thats rite its me!!!! now i now wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis yoo ar a vizsla dog and last time i chekd vizsla dogs cud not fly wel that is troo however in my famus dokyoomentery frum last april calld graytest hits it wuz reveeld that wen i am beeing chaysd by my sister trixie and i am abel to yooze my brother tucker as a lawnch pad i am in fakt abel to fly at leest as wel as buzz liteyear and probly better

as yoo can see my sister trixie is also abel to atcheev a limited amownt of flite by yoozing tucker as a lawnchpad obviusly tucker has sum sort of misteeryus ability to kownterakt the effekt of gravity so perhaps he yoozes brylcreem just like sooperman duz i wil investigayt this possability further and keep yoo informd meenwile if yoo wood like to try yoozing tucker as a lawnchpad for yore own attempts at flite pleez let me no and i wil see if i can hook yoo up it wil only cost wun ham sandwitch per flite thanks ok bye

21 thoughts on “a skolalry treetis on how things wot fly fly

  1. Those are some very interesting explanations for how things fly, Dennis. You are quite the analyst/thinker, you know?

    I don’t think I need to rent Tucker since I’m already a hover dog.

    I loved that movie, by the way. Makes me laugh, even today, as I think about it. 🙂

    Behr Behr, hover dog


  2. I am truly impressed, Dennis, that you were able to analyze a hummingbird. They move so fast most of the time. That was a rare opportunity. Thank you for the explanations of flight — I have always wondered . . .


  3. Using the back of a couch also helps one fly. Or leaping off the bed. Good that you got the goose so it could not fly away from you any more.



  4. Hmmphh, we are always using our air vents but sadly have so far not managed to fly at all, infact they usually deploy while we are relaxing on the sofa causing all the humans to make a big fuss and leave the room, haha, more sofa for us! We might take you up on your offer of renting Tucker but we are clean out of ham sandwiches….perhaps a haggis? Mmmm, maybe it’s our diet which causes our air bladders to deploy at inappropriate times?
    Slobbers xx


  5. Hahha Dennis you always make me feel bad for poor Tucker.
    I must say though, for aesthetic reasons i would not fly anymore, specially the 2nd last picture.. it looks like you may be into boys Dennis hahaha 😉


  6. What a wonderful lesson about how to fly! I sometimes dream I’m flying, now perhaps I can while awake (which isn’t often, haha!). I was blown away (no, not in flight sadly) by the hummingbird in your Mommy’s hand. Astonishing, beautiful!

    No Dennis, you weren’t Pinky’s visitor so don’t worry, you’re not losing your marbles. S/he was a very cute and friendly kitteh. I hoped Pinky had found a soul mate, but sadly not… ::Sigh:: 🙂 xxx


  7. Oh my, it’s a little Anna’s Hummingbird!

    All we have here are Ruby Throated hummers, consider yourself lucky!

    That’s a beautiful little bird.

    Maybe with the climate changes, I can hope to see one someday.

    (Come on over guys, I’ll fill the feeders this year, I promise!)


  8. you are the master of explaning things in a simple way. thank you. now i too know… oh, that hummingbird your mama rescued is beautiful, don’t you think???


  9. Hey Dennis an excelent treetis as always but I am not too shore that tiny thang on your Mummys hand is a birdy. It is too small. I think it must be sum sort of flying bug notice its shiny purple shell and its long probiskus. Though if yer Mummy sez it wuz a bird then it must be true.

    Yer pal Dozer


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