mango tango

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my noo frend mango the mastiff tagd me to luk in the kompyooter and see wot i wuz dooing a yeer ago so i lukd bak and i diskoverd that a yeer ago dada wuz beeing a slacker and not putting up a post evry day oh for shayme dada!!!!

wel ennyway i went and fownd a post frum almost a yeer ago wot shows me kerrying sumthing arownd in my mowth wot isnt reely a toy but yoo cant blayme me i meen a yeer ago i wuz only abowt three months owt frum beeing lost in that desert canyon with my brothers and my sister and so i wuz not the sofistikayted howse dog wot yoo see before yoo today:

“Why, yes, I would like some cognac.”

my brother tucker thinks this is a ninja soot but thats just silly i cudnt posibly be a ninja becuz i am not a hedjhog no this is my noo flyball soot wot keeps me warm wile i am wayting my tern to run thru the korse also it dubles as fine eveningware so i cud for instanse go owt to wun of the fine events at the local fred astare stoodyo and not be emberressd by my lak of clothing altho i cudnt danse becuz as i hav menshund before i hav two left feet ha ha

wel mango taggd three of his noo frends for this so i wil tag three of my noo frends as well lets see:

well i gess my wurk heer is dun for now but stay toond for sunday wen i reveel ten sekret things abowt myself as per a blog in the roughs reekwest i just hav to finish mayking the ten things up ummm i meen riting them down ha ha ok bye

20 thoughts on “mango tango

  1. Yer soot looks nicer and warmer than the rug and it shore fits you better. How did you get that rug into yer mouth all at once?? I am a little jellus.

    Yer pal Dozer


  2. Actually, Dennis, I think you look quite that a cheroot betwixt your lips? Ah, Dog About Town, are you? Cognac is very smooth and perfect for a fella like you. Would you eat a spider?

    Dennis says: hello angus hmm i hav not eeten a spider yet but yesterday i tried to eet an eerwig so i dont think eeting a spider wud be a big stretch ok bye


  3. That thing in your mouth from last year looks like a toy to me. I mean it was in the toy zone, right?

    A cape would compliment that outfit. Then you would be batman.



  4. My first thought was ninja as well. Can you silently appear and disappear? That would be cool.

    You should thank your Dad for taking you in off the desert. He’s a good man.


  5. Dude. I don’t dig clothing but you look wonderfully smashing in yours. I wonder if my dad can borrow it when he and mom go to that Fred Astare Stoodyo for wedding dancing lessons?

    I think I’d totally rock at flyball, except my attention span is about 0.2 seconds long. I will never rise to the ranks of your beastly viszla-ness. I think that it is..

    Woah! What’s that?!


  6. Awh, Dennis as a bub. That is a very nice dinner suit Dennis. Did you chomp on the bow tie and spats that went with it? lol


  7. Wow Dennis, very dashing I must say! Mother has given up trying to dress us, we could remove that in about the same time it takes Stanislaw to munch down a chicken wing!
    Thanks for the tag, we’ll post on Monday if that’s okay? We have a busy weekend, show tomorrow, ack….why does she insist on dragging us all the way around the bloomin country for a measly bit of ribbon? We agree with Mango, that sooot needs a cape….and some Brylcreem to help ya fly incase Tucker wants a day off!
    Slobbers xx


  8. Hallo Mr Dennis, you look like you have your pyjamas on??? Seriously, you look dashing!! ..and most handsome..
    My Dad wanted a suit like that from Norway for me, to keep my skinnyness warm but Mum couldn’t get her silly coloured head around canine jumpsuits. Of course, now I have shown her your handsome picture she is feeling guilty that my skinny legs get cold, maybe black is a better option than red.
    Velverty Kissies Chops


  9. Hey Dennis, Thanks for tagging us. We’ll do this one this week. Mom is being a slacker lately and we’re not getting to visit as much as we’d like to. Hurl Grey might need to do something about her. hehe

    Your pal,


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