sunday awards and meem show!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i am shoor yoo hav herd that their is sum sort of big event going on today thats rite it is the big dennis awards and meem show!!!!

first their is this award frum my gud frend s le wot she sed we cud steel if we wanted to so i hav stolen it:


now i  no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis that is the nice persun award but yoo ar not a persun yoo ar a vizsla dog and not only that dennis but the award has pikchers of kitties and yoo ar not a kitty yoo ar a vizsla dog to wich i respond yes theez things ar all troo but so wot???  s le sed i cud steel the award and so i hav stolen it neener neener neener ha ha no i am just kidding that is wot tucker sez wot he steels things wot i say is thank yoo s le that is a verry kyoot award in keeping with s les tradishun i am not going to award it owt but insted i wil say to evrywun feel free to re-steel it even if yoo ar neither a kitty nor a persun ha ha ok lets moov on

nekst up is a meem award wot my gud frend a blog in the rough tagd me for:


this award is given to peepul wot like to hammer things together wich i am not so gud at on akkownt of i dont hav thums as has been prevyusly discussd:

this duznt wurk verry wel

fortchoonatly the nekst part of this award is eezier then hammering a nayle i just hav to reveel ten onnest things abowt me so heer goze:

  1. it wuznt reely me wot tore up all the furnitcher and stuf in the howse it wuz a number of ninja hedjhogs wurking together wile waring a dennis the vizsla soot wot is avaylabul frum most halloween and kostoom storez
  2. my stuffies spontaneusly self destrukt in an effort to frayme me for destroying them
  3. i am — wot???  oh dada sez that onnest things meens things wot ar troo and he sez that so far i hav just ben telling liez oh sorry abowt that i gess i misunderstud wot we wer dooing heer ok ummmmm lets see ok for number three my onnest thing is that i wuz lying abowt my first too things ha ha sorry bowt that
  4. i okkayzhunaly git things wot mama calls dingelberriez wot ar attachd to my hiney and then i go to mama or dada and shiver and luk pathetik until they remoov the dingelberry for me with a paper towel but seekretly i just like gitting my hiney wiped shhh dont tel
  5. i cud play fetch for owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs if only mama and dada wernt so lazy
  6. i freek owt wenever ennybuddy besides mama and dada holds my kollar becuz i think the other persun mite be trying to steel me mama sez we ar going to hav to wurk on that but i sez she shud just tel evrybuddy else to bak off yoo dont see me grabbing them by the belts do yoo???  ok wel maybe yoo do see me doing that on okayzhun but stil ……..
  7. mama and dada think they hav figgerd owt most of the storry of how i ended up in the canyon with my brothers and sisters and they say that sumday they wil tell it
  8. i think that flybal is a bizarr form of fetch
  9. i am afrayd of dadas camra becuz it duznt luk like the other camras wot i am yoozd to it is blak and has a big lens on the frunt so wenever he poynts it at me i run away
  10. wun time dada tried to git me to tayk a peese of karrot frum his teeth and i wudnt do it becuz i am too polite so tucker swoopd in insted and took the karrot and almost tuk dadas noze with it ha ha dada servs yoo rite i meen wot do yoo think this is the sirkus or sumthing???

ok now a blog in the rough sez i must pass this onnest scrap thingie along to seven others to tel onnest things abowt their own selvs so heer goze:

  1. the beagles of dughallmor
  2. dozer or star wichever wants to say onnest stuf
  3. almostgotit and her rhodesian fridge snak
  4. my noo frend stanislaw wot eets raw meet mmmm meet
  5. nigel and sola and co
  6. my dog spot wel ok she is not my dog per se but oh ennyway just go visit her ok???
  7. and of korse the always onnest lavenderbay

i wil giv an onorary onnest scrap award to s le hoo reesently reveeld to all the wurld that she is in fakt a hyooman feemayl persun just like my mama thus ending munths of spekyoolayshun so lets heer it for s le!!!!

i shud menshun that my frend a blog in the rough also tagd my dada to do this meem as wel and he wil be doing it layter today becuz he sez my mama is going to put him to wurk now i am not shoor wot that meens but perhaps she is going to run him on the flyball korse hay dada my best time is siks sekunds beet it if yoo can!!!!!  ha ha ok bye

12 thoughts on “sunday awards and meem show!!!!

  1. OK, That was a lot of information for the Mango to take in all at once. I am still confused about that kitty award thing.

    I, also, get the dingleberries. Perhaps we are realted? I worry about all the exploding toys that you get. Is that the peoples idea of a joke?

    As for the carrot in the teeth. That sounds quite dangerous. I mean what if you had been there when Tucker did his drive by? You could have been hurt!



  2. Woohoo! Dennis you are so popular! And smart .. and handsome .. and just plain wonderful and funny, too, and I would love to hear your story some day if it is not too sad that it will make me cry because I am neurotic enough as it is, you know? Take care, your friend Clover.

    Dennis! Dude! What is this fetch thing you speak of? Your chillin’ friend, Coz.


  3. Congwatulations Dennis..hehe, guess what , I have an awawd fow you too…and no I don’t think youw place is a’s a magical mystewy wowld
    smoochie kisses


  4. Hi Dennis

    All our congratulations on your awards. We thought you were very honest – it seem strange that there are other forces at work out there that cause things to self destruct and then innocent dogs get the blame!
    Keep up the good blogging Dennis – you are a star.

    Martha & Bailey xx


  5. Ha ha hey Dennis I thinks flyball IS aktualy a form of fetch and mebbe not too bizarr eckcept the part where you gots to run over those silly jumps. I mean what are they trying to trip you up or sumthang? If they reely wanted you to fetch that ball then them jumps are jest gettin in the way.

    Thanks fer passing that award to me I will prolly do it myself I dont think I will let Star answer it cause she is not reely trustworthee seeing that she has been imitatin a stuffy surgen and steeling all Mummys luv and so forth.

    Yer pal Dozer


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