hoo wants to tayk a bath ennyway???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot i hav herd mama and dada saying that they need a noo hot water heeter becuz the wun in the garadj isnt wurking properly ennymore now i am not shoor how much yoo no abowt hot water heeters but wot they do is heet up hot water and — hay why do they need to heet it if it is alreddy hot??? this sownds like sum sort of scam like that dehydrayted water wot i bawt a wile bak!!!! wel ennyway for those of yoo hoo ar not familyar with how a water heeter wurks heer is a cross sekshun showing there normal operayshun:

as yoo can see the water heeter consists of a lardj tank wot kontayns a fire breething dragon hoo keeps the water nice and toasty warm however over time the dragon gits old and tired and eventchooally it stops wurking as yoo can see in this nekst pikcher:

now wen this happens the dragon is sent off to liv on the dragon farm with the other old tired dragons ware they relax and sleep and eet the okkazhunal adventchoorer wot comes in sertch of trezhur

so until we git a noo water heeter mama and dada ar tayking verry kwik showers becuz of the hot water running owt so fast i dont no why they dont just stop tayking showers but i gess hyoomans ar a littel stinkier then vizslas if they dont shower regyoolarly ha ha wel ennyway they are thinking abowt gitting a tankless hole howse water heeter wot kind of wurks on this principal:

if yoo ar intrested in such a tankless hole howse water heeter i wood rekomend chekking yore local regyoolayshuns to see wot they say abowt keeping dragons in yore area in some joorisdikshuns they are considerd livestok wile in others they ar considerd pets just like eegwanas and wotnot i hope yoo find this home improovment tip helpful ok bye

18 thoughts on “hoo wants to tayk a bath ennyway???

  1. Oh, so that’s how they work! I just know that hot water heaters, they are very, very BAD. Ours broked last year the day before Christmas. It was still under warranty, but it took 4 days until we got the new one, and everyone had to take cold showers.


  2. I thot Mummy wuz upset at our water heater cause it wuz leeking but now I see it wuz prolly cause that dragon wuz peeing inside the house. Geeze dragon dont you know you gotta go potty outsides??

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. Humans are smelly! That is why they take many showers. But it is simply because they don’t lick themselves properly. My Mommy doesn’t let me lick my booty. I have to do it behind her back. But you know, if she would lick her booty it wouldn’t be so smelly. (And I think it is smelly…but don’t tell her I said so.)


  4. So that is how they work, I didn’t know about that. Thanks. When Cliff replaced ours a couple of years ago, I didn’t see the old dragon. Maybe he slipped out somehow.


  5. Dennis
    Not having bafs sounds like the best thing evew!!!
    What a lovely wetiwement place fow those dwagons..I’m glad they get a chance to welax and mingle aftew yeaws of wowk.
    smoochie kisses


  6. Hai Dennis, yoo is right, beans must stink more den us. Seriously, if we gets a baf only once a month and beans takes dem every day …. Hmmmmm I wonder if da dragons wud help heat the outside sum, its snowing again and it makes my paws cold.

    Sorry, no springs in my feets today its too cold.

    I is Jake!!


  7. In April, our dragon tried to get out of my mom’s water heater and blew it up! That wasn’t a very good day, but my mom says that the first shower with a new water heater is heaven!

    Licks, wiggles, and roos,


  8. My poor dragon is very, very old and he has to heat the water and the radiators! He’s working overtime at the moment while it’s so cold. Do you think I should give him some vitamins and treats in addition to the gas he eats? If so, what would you recommend? I don’t want to upset his poor old tummy. 🙂 xxx


  9. Thanks Dennis for explaining how the water heater works. Our mum looked at the pictures and now she understands why our heater sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. Also our dragon makes very funny noises sometimes!


  10. Last year our hot water heater was having problems and the plumber said it needed to be replaced but Laura the Physicist, who is not a plumber in her spare time, told them it was the mixing pipe that brings in the cold water that was broken. Laura the physicist was right. The broken pipe caused the cold water to mix with the hot water at the top. This caused a hot shower to cool off quickly. Replacing the pipe, which cost a lot less than a new water heater, allowed for normal hot showers again and hot baths which had been avoided for a far too long time. Maybe you should check with a physicist about your problem.


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