of korse i wuz just kidding abowt all that barking at yoo guys

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am just abowt reddy to do my post for this morning i wuz thinking that i wood maybe adress the ekonomik krisis wot i hav been heering abowt and unvayl my plan for putting americans bak to wurk making my treets and tayking me for wawks and wotnot but first i think i heer sum dum crows kawing owtside the howse so let me just go bark at them first for a minnit ok???  be rite bak

heh heh heh stoopid krows wont no wot hit them


ha ha hee hee hee lookit the stoopid krows fly away

ummmmmmm gosh their ar a lot more krows owt heer then i thawte there wer and they arnt flying away i think they ar sirkling me just like in the faymus dokyoomentry the birds or in dadas scarry crow buk

if ennybuddy needs me i wil be hiding under the bed ok bye

20 thoughts on “of korse i wuz just kidding abowt all that barking at yoo guys

  1. Move over, I’m going to join you .. I hate hate hate loud birds and especially that many of them and what if they poop all at the same time, oh my goodness!! Scoot .. Move over … let me under there with you. Your friend, Clover.

    Dude! Barking never works .. just ask Clover. If you sit reallllllll still, maybe one of them will come check you out because they think you are a statue and when they sit on your head, you can grab him and stomp him and pluck him and .. oh whatever .. Now, I’m sounding like the nut-job … Just chill .. they’ll be gone soon enough. Your friend, Cosmo.


  2. Hi Dennis, you are so cool! My mom wanted to tell you that she helped a vizsla family (vizsla mama, puppies were mixed). She was transporting them in her Honda and one looked very, very ill. So she pulled them off the transport and helped them get well and 6 weeks later they all went to the rescue in Michigan finally. Here is a video of them:

    And she writes, too. I need to put that on my blog like your dad.

    We are thinking the economy will get better. My mom loves to spend. Just give her some money and she’s out the door! bol

    love & wags,


  3. We are now hiding too – your video was scary! Mum played it and we barked and ran away. Oh we are only two bassets Dennis. It is important if you are trying to address the economic climate – mum says we cant afford six!!


  4. Hey Dennis we gots lotsa birds like that here but they are called grackles and they are also noisy and kinda skary but mebbe not so big. Mostly they jest poopy everywheres and beat up all the little birds so if you wanna birdfeeder then you jest fergit about it cause all yer gonna get is grackles. Not that it matters to us dawgs of course. Birds are stoopid.

    Yer pal Dozer


  5. I love crows, they are so clever. Maybe you should becomes buddies with one and utilise him for aerial surveillance. Imagine what you could report back to Dada.


  6. Yesterday I saw a flock of probably 200 birds all land on every available surface on a farm I was driving past. It was sorta creepy. I may hide under the bed with you.


  7. Dennis,

    You need to go talk to the President Obama and the silly congress to discuss your economic stimulus package. Maybe the federal government could hire official dog walkers of the united states dog walker service. Everyone who works will get a dog walker to come to their house and take out the dogs. Of course they would clean up the poop with biodegradable poo bags made of Middle America corn. Please tell the rest of your plan because I want to go lobby for it.

    Riley the Catahoula


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