dragin problims

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i menshund erlier abowt owr problim with the dragin in the water heeter wel sum peepul came and tuk the old water heeter away it wuz ten yeerz old and ful of sludj and they put in a new littel boks type water heeter wot luks like this:

i am pretty suspishus abowt this thing i think it is watching me with that big eye on top of it but ennyway the dragin in this heeter is only suppozd to blow fire wen the water is running but misteeryusly it wuz blowing fire all the time so mama and dada went arownd the howse in there bear feet and evenchooally fownd a hot spot in the floor under the bed wich dada sez meens we also hav a slab leek in the hot water under the howse and yoo no wot that meens:

enjoy yore stolin hot water wile yoo can gofers the plummer is coming for yoo!!!!!!!  ennyway dada sed he mite not hav a post this morning if he is bizzy with the plumming but yore pal dennis wood never desert yoo like that ha ha ok bye

16 thoughts on “dragin problims

  1. that sucks about the leak! are they going to have to rip the tile out?

    Jim says: We’ll see — the plumber is just arriving now. I have a hunch our new furniture will be delayed though …


  2. Dennis, I heard that sometimes plumbing can build up a lot of pressure and then come explodin’ out from the floor like a huge geyser. Then you and all the kids on the block can run around underneath the fountain and scream like wild savages.

    Oh, and that masheen on the wall-it has a laser eye. If you turn the lights out, you can see that it follows you around the room. If you’re still enough, it’ll draw a bead on you and draw your descendents into it’s particle stream. I heard that on the Sci-Fi Network.


  3. Hmmmm. I would be very suspect of that eye thing. It might be a way for the gophers to mind meld with you or even worse Trouble the kitty. Or again it might just be a new fangled hot water thing.


  4. Too bad yer floor leek is getting fixed Dennis cause I can think of a bunch of stuff you could blame it fer like bad smells and misterius puddles. Heh heh.

    Yer pal Dozer


  5. haha oh noes! I hope your Dadda is able to fix the problem Dennis. Actually it is very lucky that he is going to try, that would mean less foods for Tucker and I would certainly hate to see Tucker without food 😉


  6. Who needs new furniture anyway? At least not until Dennis is so old his teeth fall out preventing him for chewing on anything! (only kidding, Dennis, don’t be mad at me .. but you do like to chew/destroy, don’t ya?)


  7. water troubles are messy and the fixer guys always ask for lots of green papers.
    I hope yours is a quick and easy fix. haha those gophers are going to be disappointed


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