just call me mister reeeeemisssss

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i missd my yoozual sunday meems and awards show on akkownt of dada beeing bizzy with the plummer on the hot-water-steeling-gofers insident and i myself beeing bizzy with judjing the sporting groop at mango minster as yoo can see i had sum persunality conflikts with my fellow judjes in this kategory:


ennyway i wil spend this week ketching up on the awards and meems wot i hav ben taggd for by my gud frends asta dozer and two barking dogs i wil start with dozer hoo retagd me to say wot i wuz dooing a yeer ago i hav chozen to start with dozers tag becuz unlike the last time i wuz tagd to say wot i wuz dooing a yeer ago this time a yeer ago today i wuz dooing sumthing fun at feeesta iland wot i hav not ben bak to in sum time wot is the deel mama and dada hav yoo gottin lazy in yore old aydj???  ennyway this is wot i wuz dooing on febrooooooary ninth of last yeer:

Dennis vs. Fiesta Island: The Return

So we took Dennis, Tucker, and Trixie back to Fiesta Island today, for the first time since the “oh my God you’re trying to dump me” incident in November. This time, Dennis did not take off running for the parking lot. Instead he went exploring up and down the beach with Trixie, greeted other dogs, and got up a good game of chase with Tucker.

Tucker recently began taking thyroid medication, because he had become quite lethargic over the last six to eight months, sleeping even more than dogs usually sleep (like, 23 hours a day instead of 20). We had sort of resigned ourselves that he was moving into old age, but then I noticed he had begun having muscle tremors or spasms across his entire body. This was the key symptom that got us onto Google, which led us to suspect his thyroid. Testing confirmed that his thyroid levels were low. The medicine, Soloxine, has improved his energy level, but the dosage is still being adjusted and so he doesn’t yet have the steam to cover the entire island like he used to. We’re hopeful that someday we’ll make it all the way around the island without having to carry Tucker back to the car. Still, he managed to outmaneuver Dennis pretty thoroughly before he got tired.

“You may be younger, but I’m still faster.”

now as yoo can see dada rote this wun as if this wuz his verry own blog or sumthing rather then mine!!!  silly dada!!!!  ennyway the trooth is i just let tucker danse arownd me like that so that he woodnt feel too embarressd abowt me being so much more athaletik then he is and all those other viddyos yoo may hav seen ware tucker runs sirkles arownd me????  saym thing!!!

ennyway i no i alreddy tagd peepul for this meem but now  am going to retag sum noo peepul to say wot they wer dooing wun yeer ago theez tageez ar:

whew ok thats wun meem down too to go ok bye

17 thoughts on “just call me mister reeeeemisssss

  1. Good job at taking your blog off you Dad. Peoples is no good at bloggings anyways. Good luck judging Mango minster, that gonna be haaarrddd.
    ~lickies, Ludo
    peeess: that some weird happenings you mum has had on the bus!


  2. Hai Dennisa! Wow yoo gotted to go near water and play but didnt go in the water or did yoo? Now dat wud be FUN!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  3. I think woo are ham-a-licious but in an entirely difFURent khontext!

    I’m looking furward to seeing woo at MANGO Minster 2009!

    I KNOW you’ll send me the best example of the group woo have judged!

    Judge Khyra
    MANGO Minster 2009


  4. Yes Dennis, we see what you mean about how you let Tucker run around you, jolly decent of you! Hey we didn’t know you had a beach too….that’s a cool video, looks like a fun day….hurry up Mama and Dada and go back there so Dennis can help Tucker feel young and sprightly again :o)
    Slobbers….from the Beagles, trying (and failing miserably) to visit everyone before they all post again! Hurry up Mum, put some effort in, wummin!


  5. That sounds like such a fun place!!!
    I am so sorry poor Tucker is having Thyroid problems, I thinks I takes everything in but I don’t know how I missed it, I hope his medications get him sorted quicker than dicker.. haha ok that is all I could think of that rhymes 😛


  6. Dennis – we have to hand it to you – you made a pretty impressive judge yesterday – we have just come from reading your comments!
    Simon Cowell doesnt have a look in!
    Martha & Bailey xx


  7. Hey Dennis good job with the judjing! I thinked your observashuns were spot on or in the case of dogs without spots I spose they were spot off. Heh heh.

    Yer pal Dozer


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