weekend awards serremonie

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am almost kawt up with my awards and tags and wotnot i just hav lets see … wun … too … three … thats a hunnerd and twenty three awards!!! oh my gosh i wil never finish!!! wel lets get started and see wot we can do ok heer goze:

first up we hav the luvly luvly blog award wot i got frum my gud frend shadow:


now even tho this is the wun luvly blog award i wood like to giv it to five luvly blogs becuz of inflayshun ok so wil giv this to:

ok and nekst my gud frend shadow also tagd me for sumthing calld an a to z meem wich i think involvs spelling this is a verry fritening thing but i wil try to do it ok heer goze:

attached or single? umm i am verry attachd to my brother and sister and mama and dada and plus i am offen on a leed so i am going to say i am attachd
best friend? my mama of korse!!! and my stuffies!!! and trixie!!! oh and dada is ok too!!! but my brother tucker is a pest so i am not going to menshun him heer ha ha in yore fayse tucker!!!!
cake or pie? yes pleez
day of choice? enny day wot i get to hav mama or dada home with me is a gud day!!!
essential item? the gofer broke
favorite color? wotever color my fud is!!!
gummy bears or worms? wurms ewwww!!!! wurms tayste like dirt!!! i hav never tried to eet a bare but sumhow i dont think it wood wurk owt verry wel for me
hometown? ummm that canyon i gess or posibly layk elsinorr
indulgence? destroying furnitcher and blayming it on gofers ha ha shhh dont tell
january or july? janyooary in sandy eggo is verry verry nice but then so is july and mama is off wurk in july so ummmmmm july i gess
kids? ummmmm no mama and dada saw to that
life isn’t complete without? stuffies and fud and cuddels and fud and cuddels and flybal and adjility and cuddels
marriage date? hello!!!! nooterd!!!! besides after prop ate passd i dont think i wood be ishyood a marridj license by the state of californya ennyway
number of magazine subscriptions? i am not so much for the reeding thing i no sum peepul like to reed magazeens wen they go potty but i dont hav enny free hands to hold a magazeen wen i do it ha ha
orange or apple? yes pleez
phobias? canyons and having sumbuddy other than mama or dada hold my collar
quotes? “hello nice reederz” and “ha ha” and “ok bye” all by yorez trooly hoo is me in kayse yoo didnt no ha ha
reasons to smile? no longer alone in a canyon
season of choice? i think we only hav like wun seezon heer in sandy eggo so i like that wun
tag 5 people ummm lets see …

  • my gud frend almosgotit and her gud frend jerry the rodezian fridge snak
  • vampy vic the kitty wot is a vampire
  • my littel frends the rattie kroo
  • my frend penni hoo is going to help get me owt of trouble with the albakerkee poleese if wurse comes to wurst
  • my gud frend velcro and or his eevil twin velcor
unknown fact about me? wel if i told yoo it woodnt be unnown ennymore plus then i wood hav to kil yoo ha ha just kidding i wood never kil my nice reederz ha ha but seeryusly i wood hav to kil yoo ha ha ok lets moov on befor sumbuddy gits hert
vegetable? hamberger
worst habit? destroying the furnitcher and eeting mamas shooz
x-ray or ultrasound? wich wun is more likely to giv me sooper powerz?
your favorite food(s)? meeeeeeet!!!!!
zodiac sign? ummmm i dont no wot my birthday is but i bet i am not a leo becuz leo is a cat ha ha

woo that is a lot of letters!!!!

but wayt their is more!!!! yes thats rite my gud frends the two barking dogs tagd me to raid dadas kompyooter and find the fifth pikcher in the fifth folder of dadas foto direktoreez so i did it by starting from the end and going bakward so that if i git tagd agin i dont keep pikking the saym pikcher and this is wot i fownd:

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking aiiiieeeee that helikopter is abowt to krash into that howse but no reely it wuz verry high in the sky now yore nekst kwestchun is probly hay dennis wot wuz that helikopter dooing flying arownd in the sky their??? wel the anser is it wuz inspekting a spot neerby my howse ware a small plane krashed into a sewadj pumping stayshun it wuz kwite the mess let me tel yoo!!!! unfortchoonatly the stoopid hyoomans kleend up the sewadj before i got a chanse to roll in it it wuz a verry sad storry ennyway heer ar the peepul wot i am tagging to also so pikchers frum there kompyooters:

hay luk i am owt of awards i gess a hunnerd and twenty three isnt as big a number as it yoozd to be it must be becuz of the resesshun!!!!!  wel that is it for now see yoo all tomorrow ha ha ok bye

14 thoughts on “weekend awards serremonie

  1. Hey Dennis,
    Maybe I almost know too much about you now. I agree with you on that collar grabbing. What are the peoples thinking?



  2. nice awardie.

    That picture looks like a big bug, wow

    I liked this question answer thing. Those were really hard questions and I think you got them all right!



  3. Dennis
    You mean it wasn’t those dastawdly gofews???
    Hmmm..I will have to wewead evewything now.
    I’m just glad you didn’t tagme, hehehewe awe sooo behind always
    smoochie kisses


  4. Aww Dennis I was like all “aww” and so was momam when we was reading about your Canyon in so many answers!!
    And now look at you, the best momma and dadda!!
    They woz fun answer.. oh hey those flying machine are loud huh? 🙂



  5. oh dennis, you have me rolling around… and guess what, my bean insists hamburgers are his favourite vegetable too, heee heeee heee. guess i now gotta believe him.


  6. All right thanks fer the award Dennis! You are right I does luv any sort of reward though I do wish the award wuz beef flaver.

    Yer alfabet soup list wuz funny espeshully cause yer interviewer wuz cleerly not paying atenshun to yer ansers. Or else he or she did not know wut nootered means.

    Yer pal Dozer


  7. A photo tag! This oughta be interesting. Now I’ll have to figger out how to upload the storage-drive-saved pictures back onto this new computer. Meantime, Dennis, I should probably hunt up those other two awards you’ve given me and post them. Time I did some redecorating.


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