me verzis feeesta iland plus the sun almost insinerayts the erth!!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weekend mama and dada finaly got on the stik and tuk us to feeesta iland in the mithical land of sandy eggo ware we he had a lot of fun wandring arownd eksploring and plus the insinerayshun of the erth was narrowly avoyded by my kwik thinking it wuz reely an amayzing day!!!

wel at first wen we arrivd at feeesta iland we had no ideea of the firy horror that awayted no it just lukd like a tipical winter day in sandy eggo a little windy but nuthing to indikayt that the sun wood shortly looze its mind

we went abowt owr yoozual feeesta iland bizness of running arownd and smelling stuf even tucker ran arownd a bit:

we did owr yoozual eksploring in the weedz:

and along the ridj:

but hmmmmm isnt the reflekshun of the sun on the water gitting kind of brite??? maybe it is just my imadjinayshun oh hay see that puddel their on the left??? wel let me tel yoo me and tucker had a grayt time chaysing eech other arownd in a big mud puddel their were thrils and spils and splashing and mud and i am pretty shoor that at wun poynt i saw speed rayser go by chek it owt:

see now i shud eksplayn that dada wuz playing with his noo kamra and evidently this kamra comes with sumthing calld “direkshuns” wot dada hasnt red properly and so wen he thawt he wuz recording us playing in the mud he wuz akchooally just watching us on the littel screen inside the kamra and wen he thawt he stopd recording us wuz wen he akchooally started oh wel dun dada i am shoor my nice reederz ar thrild to hav missd the mud ressling!!!! did yoo notiss tucker calling dada a hack at the end of the viddyo??? yoo tel him tucker!!!

wel ennyway after the wunderful gaym of mud chayse wot yoo wil never ever see we continyood wawking along the sandy rodes of feeesta iland checking owt the wunderful smels and wotnot:

ahhhh yes wide open spayses peeese and kwiet and hay wot the hek???

kurse yoo paparazzi!!!! dont yoo hav ennything better to do then follow me arownd in yore silly helikopters??? i think andjeleena jolee must be having anuther baby or sumthing go tayk a pikcher of her!!! but then i notisd that the eevil jeenyuses at see wurld had finaly fired up there long awayted deth ray wot wuz intended to pul the sun into the erth berning all the other amyoozement parks to a krisp so that the only wun left wood be see wurld itself:

kurse yoo eevil jeenyus shamoo!!! as yoo can see there dastardly plan wuz abowt to sukseed wen i sprang into akshun!!!!

yes it may luk like i am just tayking a random tinkel at the end of that viddyo wot dada finaly manadjed to shoot but in reeality i am cooling off the erth so that it is not insinerayted by the sun!!!! and then of korse see wurld had to tern off its deth ray becuz it wuz time for shamoos show and as evrywun nos their is not enuf elektrissity in californya to power both the see wurld deth ray and the see wurld jumbotron at the saym time and thus disaster wuz narrowly averted!!!

as the sun reternd to its akkustomd spot in the sky we reezoomd owr peeseful eksplorayshun of feeesta iland heer ar me and trixie in owr nobel silowetts as the sun reeseeds yes its anuther suksesful sooperheero operayshun wel dun trixie!!! and heer is trixie protekting me frum the scary shadow man wot follows dada arownd all the time:

sum day i wil figger owt how to destroy yoo shadow man!!! wel after all that eksitement we sat down in the piknik areea for a wile

hay luk their ar sum garbadj cans neerby!!!

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis that luks like yoo sniffing arownd the garbadj not tucker but the trooth is i wuz just trying to find a littel snak for tucker becuz he wuz too tired to do it himself i personaly hav no intrest in garbadj yuck bleh!!!! ok wel that wuz abowt the end of owr trip to feeesta iland altho before we left i wuz mobd by sum of my adoring fans:

wel ok so maybe me and tucker and trixie owtnumberd my adoring fans by three to wun but stil it wuz just like wen the beetels came to america and wer chaysed arownd by all those shreeking teenaydj girls rite??? rite??? rite it wuz just eksaktly the saym!!! wel then it wuz time to leev but tucker had compleetly run owt of enerdjy so mama had to kerry him bak to the car poor poor tucker it must be so hyoomilyating to hav to be kerried arownd like a baby!!!

thats ok tucker we havnt lost enny reespekt for yoo becuz we never had enny ha ha wel ennyway that wuz the end of owr day at feeesta iland we stopd at the gayt for wun last luk bak at the park:

hmmmm the sun stil luks a littel big but i think that just meens spring is on the way now i am pretty shoor it is not becuz we ar all going to be bernd to a krisp at leest not until 2012 ha ha ok bye

24 thoughts on “me verzis feeesta iland plus the sun almost insinerayts the erth!!!!!

  1. My dogs don’t have a dog friendly park around here, not that it matters because Airabella wants to kill all other dogs. Wilhelmina is a lot friendlier than Bell when it comes to other dogs though.


  2. Dennis buddie! I thinks you should get your dadda and momma to take you here lots lots more! Momma loves the pictures and we both love living vicariously through them!:))
    hehe Tucker running picture made-ed us all laff!



  3. Well gosh that wuz a purty sweet day. I guess it is good you didnt literaly have fun in the sun cause I thinks that would have hurt. Good thinking Dennis to pee on the ground.

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. Hai Dennis, yoo know dat mud stuff looks fun! I can only gets my feets dirty acuz dad won’t let me roll in mud. Yoo know what Mom and Dad pick me up and carry me sometimes too – usually when I’s been bad. And dat place yoo was runnin round had lots of sand which means time to playplayplay!!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  5. Dennis! Wooohoo! You sure did have a fun time at the Sandyeggo Park didn’t you because I could tell you were running around and sniffing and peeing and playing some more and boy I wish we lived near a big mud puddle like that because I would be in there all the time and then I would jump into the water and swim around like shammu and then I would go back and roll in the mud and over and over … you get the idea .. because I love to swim even if its in mud and oh by the way, if tucker and trixie and trouble let you live long enough you too will be that old one day and I hope your mama and dada are strong enough to carry you because its not nice to make fun of your elder dogs. Gotta pee, see you later! Clover

    Denny, Dude! Garbage? Gee wiz, dude. You trying to give us dogs a bad name? Chillin, your friend Coz


  6. Dennis, you would get along SO well with my brother Tanner, I swear it dude. It looks like you had fun at the island, and I am thankful you uh, saved the world. Good job.


  7. Wow Dennis, thanks for your tour of Feeesta Iland, looks like a good time was had….and thank dawg you averted the incineration of the Erth! For some reason we can never view your videos anyway, but we love a bit of mud-wrestling…well, who doesn’t? Your cool pics more than make up for it though, and we love how you call Shamu the See World Jumbotron, heehee!
    Slobbers xx


  8. Hi Dennis! You be very lucky to go on that trip! I am so glad you managed to stop the death ray, you be such a clever doggy!
    I am very upset that I didn’t see the mud fighting. My mummy doesn’t know how to gets the videos on wordpress so we can’t say anyfink cos we can’t share any vids. *sigh*
    Scotty xxx


  9. Dennis, What a great day you had at the park.
    Those pictures were wonderful. Sure wish I could have seen you guys mud wrestling! I am so glad you saved the would from destruction!

    Poor Tucker. These pictures showed how gray he is around the muzzle. How old is he? What a sweet boy.

    Have you ever read any Hank the Cowdog books?



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