just a littel hole in the wall

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel their wuz a lot of aktivity arownd the howse reesently with socalld plummers and wotnot it wuz a littel bit scarry with al the weerd noizes and stuf but it terns owt it wuz wurth it becuz luk wot i fownd in the wall ware the china cabinet yoozed to be:

yes thats rite theez ar misteeryus holes in the wall!!! and now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis wot is beehind those wallbord cutowts wot ar blocking up the misteeryus holes in the wall??? wel i am glad yoo askd that becuz heer is a pikcher of wot is going on inside wun of those holes!!!!

yes thats rite its a gofer konstrukshun kroo hard at wurk with there nefaryus konstrukshun wurk!!!  hoo nos wot they mite be trying to bild in their it is probly sum sort of advansd furnitcher destroying weppons sistem or sumthing like that i wil keep yoo posted as this story develops stay toond!!!  ok bye

22 thoughts on “just a littel hole in the wall

  1. We can sympathize, with all the construction and wall-breaking we had here. It’s officially over, but now we’re worried there maybe more follow up work, and more “gofers”


  2. Dennis I iz trying to work out who the little green sooperheros is on the lift??? Is it like a leper-re-can?


    Dennis says: hello vampy vic i beleev that is the eevil mole man wot is sort of like a man hoo is sort of like a mole becuz he livs undergrownd and wares sunglasses at nite like corey hart ok bye


  3. Dennis
    So glad you uncovewed that howwific new plot by the gofews..I’m going to go check out my walls now..I suwe hope they awen’t hewe too
    smoochie kisses


  4. Oh Dennis, this is quite a revelation. I think you might be busy all week cutting holes in the rest of your house… you could be infested for sure. I wonder what they are up to…. perhaps an internal communications system. ThreeDog has a pretty good guess… sounds like someplan to ruin your good rep.



  5. HOLY SMOKE Dennis! Now you have someone to blame for anything that ends up destroyed! Uh…… what I really mean is good thing you caught them before they could do any real harm! I will be checking back to see how you thwart their evil plans! Is that how you spell thwart?



  6. At least it’s not termites, and the gophers are constructing something rather than eating your house. At any rate, I suggest using a live trap to catch one of the critters, then “persuade” it to tell you what they are doing. Not sure what it would take to get a gopher to crack, though…


  7. Dennis, I love your blog! I love cats and dogs, but where I live I can only have birds! I have 3 Cockatiels! Scooter, Bug, and Pilot! I think a lot of my readers would also love your blog. Do you want to exchange our sites on the blogrolls we each have?


  8. The one holding a clipboard…hehehehehehehe. Daisy stole my line, I wanna Dennis lunch box too.
    Hey, Cliff could fix that hole in the wall for you and do a perfect job. 😀 It might take him a month or two though…ADD you know. 😉


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