The Vizsla Connection

It’s been quite a while since the last installment of “how Dada tortures the animals by singing to them“, so here’s a little ditty that’s dedicated to the red boys who make life around the house so … interesting.  This one is to the tune of “The Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog.

The Vizsla Connection

Why are there so many
Songs about vizslas
And all of the stuff they do?
It must be ‘cuz Dada
Is crazy ’bout vizslas
Despite what they put him through
They are good puppies
They’re soft and they’re fuzzy
They are our cute little men
Someday we’ll find it
The vizsla connection
Probably in the garbage can

“The Rainbow Connection” has been covered by just about everyone, but here’s a little clip from my favorite version, by Sarah McLachlan (my #5 favorite singer, according to — but watch out, Sarah, Plumb is closing in on you).  This version of “The Rainbow Connection” also happens to be my favorite waltz.

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow i thawt he wood never get off the kompyooter!!! hay lissen i hav herd a roomer that their is company coming toonight witch meens it mite be harder for me to git on the kompyooter for the nekst week or so however i wil endevver to continyoo to sneek up posts wile mama and dadas gests ar heer i dont no hoo they ar eksaktly eksept they ar frum the mithical land of lawn guyland so i think they mite be sod salespeepul or sumthing we wil see ha ha ok bye

17 thoughts on “The Vizsla Connection

  1. Dennis, to be honest with you…never heard of Sarah McLachlan. I looked her up. She is very talented and does a lot of good things for mankind. Thanks for the info. Oh, by the way…cute post-)* Happy weekend!


  2. your dada is a champion songwriter. singer? i’ll leave that in your capable hands, oooops, paws in mean, but don’t be harsh, love makes people do ka-raaaazy things…….


  3. Dennis! Maybe its the mama’s or dada’s mamas and dadas coming to visit? Woohoo! More people to pester for snacks and treats and walks and petting and … oooh I love gests! Have fun and don’t forget us … Your friend Clover.


  4. Hey Dennis, we want to hear your dada’s version. Oh and if your guest are a sod connection, could you let us know. Mom is talking about putting a new lawn in the back yard for us to wreck, so maybe we could throw them some busyness.


  5. Dear Dennis if them visiters happen to smell like fishes and look like fishes but they is walking around and not in a boks of water I would not trust them. Unless they gives you delishus treets. Then it is obveeus they is frends and not asasins.

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. And speaking of connections: you’ve done such a great job keeping your blogroll updated, and faithfully connecting with all your fans in comment section here (and on THEIR comment sections.) Great blogetiquette and highly friendly besides. Maybe we should ALL be (or own) vizslas!


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