wun of theez things is not like the others

kan yoo gess wich wun it is???

thats rite its this wun:

imposter reveeld!!!

ill bet yoo thawt i wuz going to say it wuz trixie rite???  but i am pretty shoor trixie is just sum sort of longhared black and tan style vizsla dog with a poofy tale and a purple and blak tung i meen utherwize why wood she hang arownd with me and tucker all the time????  ha ha ok bye

20 thoughts on “wun of theez things is not like the others

  1. Is the little one a Vizsla too?

    Jim says: Yep, they’re all vizslas except for Trixie and the “impostor” … It was a vizsla meetup complete with at least three or four small puppies. There will be puppy video later in the week!


  2. Dennis, how smart of you to know about the imposter. You can never be too careful these days you know. He may have been a plant from the ninja hedgehogs or the gophers trying to get info.


  3. Dennis
    I so think Twixie is a long haiwe ploome tailed Vizsla..I’m a showt tailed wiwy vizsla myself, so I know we come in all guises, hehehe
    smoochie kisses


  4. Aw man I did not get the answer to this riddle. I thinked the answer wuz the person what wuz standing in the video. Cause all the rest wuz dawgs!

    Yer pal Dozer


  5. When we lived in Minneapolis, there was a huge dog park. I’d let a really wild Vizsla loose and was walking with the beagle when the Vizsla went barreling past, rear legs up by the ears. Except it had a different color collar on. Yep, there were two there that day. They ran each other into the ground. The other owners and I laughed to no end at the two of them running so wild.



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