attak of the vizsla puppeez!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay at the vizsla meetup this weekend their were lots of puppeez their now i hav herd that hyoomans hav a thing for puppeez and so heer it a viddyo of a kuppel of them i am not in this viddyo so i hope that all the puppy kyootness duz not mayk evrywun forgit hoo i am ok heer is the viddyo:

oh gosh that wuz so kyoot now i think i myself hav forgotten hoo i am!!!!  oh rite i am dennis the vizsla dog:

the twisted eer luk is all the raydj in kalifornya this yeer

ok bye

26 thoughts on “attak of the vizsla puppeez!!!

  1. Dennis, I know now what you looked like when you were a puppy.
    very cute.
    I bet looking at those puppies brought back lots of fond memories for you… all of that closer to the ground kind of frolicking around


  2. Dennis
    I could nevew fowget who the most famous vizsla in the ooonivewse is …you ! Dennis!!! I love the tuwned out eaw look..I’ll have to twy it myself
    smoochie kisses


  3. Awww Dennis….we can never view your videos for some reason :o( We’re satisfied with a photo of you though, rocking the twisted ear look, so this season daahling!
    We are being lazy today….our secretary didn’t have a post ready so she put R&G’s puppy pics on….hmph!
    Slobbers xx


  4. Hi Dennis
    Our mum loves puppies. She has just watched your video and is oohing and ahhing. We just visited the Dughallmor Beagles and they have a puppy collage and she is saying she wants one, or two, or three!
    If you bloggers keep showing her puppies we might be homeless!!!!
    Your grown up picture is very handsome – oh how we like a dog with long legs!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx


  5. I suspect ulterior motives, Dennis. Kyuteness, as you know well, only goes so far, and solves the world’s nunja problem not a whit. Plus also, that’s an awful lot of exess piddling. Why not go ahead and admit how superior you *really * feel, Dee…


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