the old man and the see

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so dada sez i hav ben milking the vizsla meetup for mateeryul all week i dont no wot he is tawking abowt becuz i hav not gottin a drop of milk this hole time but ennyway heer ar a fyoo more pikchers and wotnot from feeesta iland and then i am dun with it ok heer goze:

first heer is sumthing wot i am pretty shoor is the wurlds smallest cow sniffing tuckers butt wile tucker and i wer trying to hav a conversayshun

“It’s got a piquant bouquet with a hint of rawhide and gumdrops.”

littel cows ar so unkooth!!!! mama duz say that tucker has an eereesistubly kyoot red butt so i gess yoo no wot we wil hav to do to keep littel cows frum coming up and sniffing it unekspektedly:

tucker had a kuppel of pritty gud runs at the meetup mama thinks this is becuz she put him bak on the taurine wich is a supplimint wot is yoozually given to cats i think this may meen that tucker is akchooally a cat in disgize but we will see ennyway chek owt his moovs first we hav the long distanse akshun shot:

then we hav the crazy beech brayne cramp:

and then tucker ran owt of enerdjy and askd mama to carry him bak to the car:

A serious case of chronic Dennisitis.

poor tucker it is not eezy beeing an old man is it??? or so i hav herd ha ha

as yoo can see a gud time wuz had by all:

“I found her on Skid Row and she followed me home, can I keep her?”

ok dada ar yoo happy now i am dun milking it!!!! ha ha ok bye

18 thoughts on “the old man and the see

  1. I think Tuker just likes to be carried! hey your momma must be pretty strong! I don’t think my momma could carry me to the car!


  2. It is sooo exciting to see Tucker so energetic!!!. And the pic of him being carried by mama is priceless.
    I think we might see that pic of Dennis and Trixie again in some adventure. 😉


  3. My mum thinks I look a bit like a cow too! It is not fair, just cos I have patches like a cow. Your videos were cool – you sure can run fast Dennis but you do have big long legs!
    Now make sure there is no more milking!


  4. Tucker can sure run! And Trixie has those lovely shining eyes that Cai gets when he’s enjoying himself outdoors. I’m glad you all had so much fun!

    Jim says: Yes he can. I wish we had video of him running through the woods, back in New York, in the days when he was young.


  5. Must’ve been pretty “Tuckered out” then 🙂

    There’s NO way my mom would/could carry me! You’re pretty lucky. If I’m tired, I just have to walk anyhow.

    Behr Behr 🙂


  6. Hay Dennis!! Looks like a fabby time at the beach!! Tucker can run soo fast, like you!! Your mummy is so kind to carry him, my mummy can only just lift my sophie sis up, she can’t life me, I be a big lad! Luvs Scott x


  7. Woah… I has never seen such a smal cow Dennis.. I do no think I would like one sniffing my rear.. but your momma is right he does have a coot butt! Momma is a butt squeezer.. but is better than drumstick(thigh)squeezing!Is good that Tucker still gets to have his little plays and ultra good that he is feeling better with what your momma is trying! She is a good momma! 🙂
    Momma melted atthe last picture…



  8. Oh man Tucker you is lucky to have a Mummy what is buff. My Mummy is a wimpy wuss and she cant pick me up even a little bit. This is good when you dont want to go somewheres like on the mettal table at the vet but its bad when you want sumbuddy else to do the walking fer a while! I am thinking Mummy needs to get me a stroller or sumthang cause I am getting old and stiff like you.

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS Dennis that last pitcher of you and Trixie made Mummy fall off her chair laffing. Stop steeling her luv!!!


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