25 thoughts on “I Been Locked Out

  1. aww I hate seeing them go from excited tail wagging to that whole “I’m rejected” posture. *sends virtual hugs to Dennis.*


  2. Dennis, is that you or Tucker? I think its Tucker, if its you, you should wipe your face after eating powder sugar donuts!

    Dennis says: hello daisydog hay yes that is tucker i wuz in fakt on the other side of the door gitting kuddels frum mama ha ha in youre fayse tucker!!!!! ok bye


  3. Dennis
    You should knock, I’m suwe they would be happy to let you in
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess if that doesn’t wowk call me I know how to open doows, hehehehe


  4. Oh poor Tucker, getting shut out really sux! You bark loudly and bang on that door matey!

    Dennis, do you think your Dada would be my friend on Facebook iffen I ask him nicely?

    BTW, I’d never met vizsla dogs till I met you. Not sure if there are any in England, but those puppies sure do look cute… 🙂 xxx


  5. Hey Dennis, your Dada is now my friend on Facebook! Give him a face lick from me, I mean for me, erm not like I want to actually lick his face (unless it’s tasty like Skeezik’s Mr. Tasty Face, but then I’ve never licked his face so I wouldn’t know, but Pinky’s face is very tasty, so your Mom might be able to confirm but she probably wouldn’t want me to lick your Dada’s face anyway) so just lick his face, k? 🙂 xxx


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