littel boy and big boots

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk i mayd it thru the week and i manadjd to post sumthing evry day eeven tho dada woodnt let me on the kompyooter mutch on akkownt of the company visiting frum noo york!!!

today is there last day heer and they ar going to ride on sumthing calld the coaster wot wil tayk them to the mithical land of old town sandy eggo i dont no how they ar going to get their on a coaster wich of korse is a thing wot sits on a tayble with a glass on it i gess it must be a majik flying coaster or sumthing:

majik flying coaster patented by dennis the vizsla dog order yores now!!!

wel ennyway i no i promisd sum old pikchers wile mama and dadas gests ar heer so heer is another wun it is a pikcher of tucker sitting nekst to dadas boots i gess eether tucker wuz verry small in this pikcher or else dada had reely reely big feet bak then!!!

“Does my butt make these shoes look big?”

hmm tucker is stil pretty small for a vizsla dog so i gess maybe it is troo that peepul shrink wen they git older!!!  ha ha ok bye

22 thoughts on “littel boy and big boots

  1. Her is that your Dadda flying that coaster? Taking it out for a test drive? I think to be safe he should be wearing a prarchute!


  2. Dennis can we please order one of those flying coasters. Bailey may need one to get back from Bermuda!
    Well done with the daily posting and we must say Tucker looks adorable! Yes your dada appears to have very big feet!


  3. I thinks them flying coasters would be pretty cool! I sure hopes my ‘not yours’ don’t find a clone machine, i don’t want evil bears like yours. You did get them though. Tucker was a cute pup!
    ~lickies, Ludo


  4. Dennis – you really have to be nicer to Tucker, he can’t help it if he’s getting old and grey. It happens to all of us eventually!


  5. Oooo, I think I’d want a safety belt on one of those magic flying coasters! On the other paw, if it was mine, I’d probably stick to it anyway, like my glass does, hahaha!

    Cute picture of Tucker when he was little. He must have been very, very little… Just saying!

    You’ve been very good to post every day and do visiting and commenting too all week while your beans have had visitors ::pat pat, hug hug::

    I realised after my last comment that your Dada wouldn’t know who I was on Facebook so I did a search, found him and sent him a friend request and he replied and now he is my friend! I forget who I am sometimes! I have yet another name on Skype coz I couldn’t get Black Cat without putting a thousand numbers after it, which goes against the grain really coz I’m a person, not a number, and yet another name on Second Life, which I haven’t been to for a squillion moons due to lack of time.

    Have a lovely weekend Dennis and family 🙂 xxx


  6. The flying coaster does look a bit dangerous but James also looks confident in his flying abilities.

    “Does my butt make these boots look big?” – tres cute!


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