Cruel Jokes Are Never Funny


Hello, stuffie friedds. My dabe is Fuzzy Browd Bear, add for several modths I have shared a hobe with Dennis the Vizsla Dog. As you bay dow, Dennis styles hibself a cobediad, and edjoys posting purportedly huborous stories and silly jokes about his advedtures.

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Went With The Wind

Now that the mysterious affair of the Maltese Crow has been resolved, and everything is once again in color instead of black and white, I had hoped that I could go back to the quiet life of an unassuming archeology professor slash globetrotting adventurer slash space traveler slash private detective.  Unfortunately, there was one thing that I hadn’t counted on:  A university fund-raiser.  One would almost prefer to face the horror of Darth Tater than a room full of potential donors.  But we do what we must, don’t we?

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