just a bunch of pikchers wot dont hav dogs in them

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo no mama and dada hav had company for the last week and so they hav gawn to menny playses wot dont allow dogs such owtraydjus diskriminayshun is verry verry common so i enkooradj evrywun to rite there congresspersun and tel them it must stop!!!!  ennyway thru the majik of snooping in dadas kompyooter i hav fownd pikchers frum sum of theez playses if yoo ar intrested heer they ar:

this is a pikcher of a man on a beech kerrying an enormus tung depressor i wood assoom that this man is sum sort of wale doktor wot is going to wayd owt to the humpback wale pods and ask them to open up and say aaaaaaah gud luck with that dok!!!

nekst we hav a pond at the meditayshun gardins war yoo can choose yore own toona fish to be mayd into a sandwitch for yoo as yoo can see the fish come in menny flavors inklooding vanilla and cherree and orandj mmmmm orandj

here is sum weird pink lettus wich is probablee strawberree flavord mmmmmm strawberree

aiiiieeeeee!!!!!!  jiant pelikan!!!!!  i can only imadjin how menny innosent toorists this hideus kreetcher has eeten!!!  run away run away run away!!!!

heer we see sum teensy weensy peepul wot hav gawn owt on a teensy weensy boat to eskayp frum the jiant pelikan but ill bet that just wun jiant pelikan cud kerry them away boat and all nice try teensy weensy peepul it has been nice noing yoo!!!!

and finaly heer we see the sun abowt to sink into the oshun and oh my gosh!!!!!  the oshun is so mutch bigger then the sun!!!!  if it goze into the water it wil probly be ekstingwishd forever!!!!  kwik surfer doods paddel owt and push the sun bak into the sky!!!!!

wow it shoor is skarry owt there in the playses ware dogs arnt allowd to go maybe its just as well that i didnt go along with them on theez trips i dont think my nervs cud tayk it

yes sumtimes it is better just to stay home and relax ha ha ok bye

23 thoughts on “just a bunch of pikchers wot dont hav dogs in them

  1. We think the next time your mama and dada have company you should stand right in front of the door so they take you with them. That often works for us.

    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies


  2. There are lots of places my mom won’t take me either. It’s just not fair! But maybe some of those places are kind of scary.



  3. Hey there Dennis!
    Just to let you know that you should listen to your dada and mama when they say “Stay inside”! The human world is a scary, scary place… believe us! Thanks for stopping by the other day at our site and hope you’re getting ready for some Spring fun!



  4. That enormous Pelican reminded me of a story on the news once where a pelican in Westers Australia scooped up & swallowed a woman’s Chia, chawo, chewow, little mexican dog at the local beach


  5. Dennis I thinks it be better that you didn’t go and see the scary huuuge pelikan!! We loves to chill on the sofa like you are! xx


  6. i agree with you. the discrimination is getting too much. i’m having trouble finding a place for my pups to run and galavant. thank goodness the bean’s school sport grounds doesn’t mind them visiting on weekends. but you look mighty comfortable on your colourful bed, maybe a wee bit of rest before spring was in order?!?!?!?!


  7. We did the opposite thangs cause you stayed home and I was forced to go on an awful trip. Take it frum me staying at home is way better!


  8. LOL Those surfers sure are either brave or that’s the weirdest game of volly ball I’ve ever seen.

    As for the giant pelican? That’s nothin’. In my day we had the giant lizard called, Godzilla.

    Now that was a big critter.

    Glad that you’re humans made it back in one piece.


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