inkontrovertabul pruf!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so wile dada wuz owt galivanting arownd sandy eggo with his hyooman frends frum the mithical land of noo york yorez trooly dennis the vizsla dog wuz hard at wurk gathering evidense in the bak yard to proov that despite wot sum hav sed and despite my own coersd confeshuns it wuz in fakt the gofer wot destroyd the furnitcher in the howse and not me and now i hav pruf!!!! check it owt:

yes thats rite i hav ternd the viddyo to my advantadj in my never ending kwest to kleer my naym heer we see mr gofer himself planning his nekst rayd on the howse:

as yoo can kleerly see the gofer likes to eet things wot ar green and brown and wot else is green and brown??? thats rite its the sofa and the chayse lowndj frum the howse!!!!

but i no wot yoo ar saying yoo ar saying yes dennis that is verry compeling evidense but we need more then that so ok lets go bak to the viddyo heer goze:

as yoo can kleerly see in this viddyo the gofer is fertivly attempting to perform mayntenanse on its destrukshun ekwipment wich appeerz to be owt of serviss no dowt this is why the gofer has not destroyd ennything in the howse reesently

wots that yoo say??? yoo ar stil not convinsd??? wow tuff krowd but i dont blaym yoo in theez hard times it only mayks sense to be skeptikal ok lets tayk wun more luk shall we???

now that the gofer has retreeted we can zoom owr kamra rite down into its hole and git a luk at ware it livs:

as yoo can see the gofer keeps in his hole a fraymd sined pikcher of the most infamus peese of destrukshun of all the destrukshun of the chayse lownj so obviusly the gofer is ekstreemly prowd of its handiwork and likes to hav it arownd to show off to its frends and family now i hope this has convinsd evrywun that i am not responsibul for the kaos and messes wot hav been reported to occur in my visinity it is all part of the vast rodent konspirasy i tel yoo!!!!  ok bye

22 thoughts on “inkontrovertabul pruf!!!!

  1. Um, one question Dennis.

    Would the Gofer really sign his name as “The Gofer”?

    Surely he would sign it as his name, like “Gordon The Gofer”? Or something like that.

    Just speculating, I’m not pointing the finger or anything.


  2. oh dennis you should visit carl spacklers golf course maintenance supply shop and get some of those little “natures friends” gofer killers, they do a real bang up job.


  3. I am fully convinced of the gophers gilt even tho I cannot explain why the video does not show the mashineree in qwestshun while the pitcher does. I must have blinked or looked away during that part of the video.

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. Dennis, we always knew it couldn’t have been you! You have gone to a lot of trouble to prove it! That gopher is certainly who was responsible and should be made to pay for the damage!


  5. Dennis, we know you are innocent. It is definitely a gopher thing to attack defenceless loungeroom furniture. I think, maybe, they have even done studies on it! I am not sure. Well, done though. You have foiled this sneaky critter.


  6. Poor Dennis! Framed by a rodent! I sure hope your dada believes you now. I believe you. Gosh, he even has power tools!


    P.S. Stop by my bloggy on Tuesday. I am leaving an award for you, but my bloggy won’t publish until then.


  7. Hai Dennis Grrrrrrrr eat job! I knew all along dat yoo was not guilty.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  8. Excellent capture, Dennis, your photo of the gopher’s wall decoration. I heard somewhere that criminals often like to brag about their exploits; looks like you’ve apprehended that gopher with his own vanity.


  9. Hi Dennis!!!

    Time to call in reinforcements. These gophers are getting way too bold. You should call this gopher-hunting blue heron guy to help you out (1-800-Kil-Da-Go_Fur). I heard rumors that he used to work for the CIA, so he’s the best there is. He’s quiet, effective, and won’t leave any evidence behind.

    Good luck, Dennis!



  10. Harrrrrr Dennis
    you are the best investigator Harrrrr. Yer name should be cleard of any and all charges Harrrr
    Cap’n Maverick the Pirate


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