28 thoughts on “Candygram. Flowers. Avon. Land Shark.

  1. We know all about land sharks here at the estate due to Momma and Master being of a “certain age.” DO NOT ACCEPT GIFTS FROM THE LAND SHARK! Throw him the cat.



  2. LOL Lavenderbay!

    That’s not a shark or even a fish, Trouble, it’s an orca, aka a KILLER WHALE. I think they eat cats, and not visa-versa. Unless the candygram-delivering subspecies of orca is something different. That kind could be related to dogs, though…


  3. Hai Dennis, I dunno bout this landshark dood, be careful… or yoo can ask hims for Troubles food ….


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. Hi Dennis! I found your blog through Mango’s….that is one scary stuffie looking for you! o.O” I hope you managed to escape from those ‘terrible jaws of death’!



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