hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay now that i am sutch a big time athleet i hav started waring speshul geer to enshoor that i hav a long and lookrativ karear in flyball and adjility check it owt:

yes thats rite i hav a brand noo set of persunalized brayslet nee pad things!!!

theez ar to protekt my delikat joynts frum harm wen i am bopping the flyball boks to mayk it spit owt the tennis bal plus they ar also gud for mayking mama giv me treets:

ha ha thats rite mama yoo cannot reezist the awsum power of the neepad brayslet things!!!

tucker and trixie ar envyus becuz they do not hav sutch off the huk geer as wot i do:

i am shoor that big endorsmint and lisensing deels ar just arownd the korner!!! in fakt my brayslets ar so cool that they hav alreddy drawn the attenshun of the faymus sooperhero wunder woman hoo has verry kindly agreed to lisense my brayslets to yooze in her fite aginst crime and aliens and ninja hedjhogs:

yes as yoo can see wen waring my brayslets wunder woman need hav no feer of — hayyyyy wayt a minnit wunder woman i agreed to let yoo ware  my brayslets but we never sed ennything abowt waring my hat!!!  giv me that bak!!!  hay git owt of yore invisibul jet and giv me my hat bak!!!

oh wot a revolting developmint if yoo cant trust wunder woman hoo can yoo trust???  ok bye

24 thoughts on “neepads

  1. Stunning Bwacelets Dennis! I gots a new harness but its not as cool as yur bwacelets. I wood ask to borrows tdem, but they look longer than my legs! magic da fwuffy corgi boy


  2. Do you try to chew the bracelets off at all? They look good on you. Very cool. Your own designer label.

    I always knew there was something creepy about Wonder Woman!


  3. Those are awesome kneepad/bracelet things. I like how they’re personalized for you.

    Your pal,

    PS – Stop by our bloggie when you have a minute. Mom took a picture just for you. It’s in the slide show on Thursday’s post.


  4. Harrrrrr Dennis
    the knee pad things look great on ye harrrrr.Maybe ye can get Batman to get them back for ye Harrr.
    Cap’n Maverick the Pirate


  5. That Wonder Woman is a jerk, I can’t believe she stole all your stuff! You do look quite great and sporty in those leg warmers, um, I mean knee pads. I about peed my pants when I read the Flashdance reference!


  6. I thinks you mite also be able to take up the fine sport of tennis with them wrist warmers. Which is great cause you would be around tennis balls all the times! Yes tennis balls! Well… I guess tennis is kinda like flyball in that way aktually. Wrist warmers and tennis balls everywheres. Hmm I have forgetted wut my point is.

    Yer pal Dozer


  7. Dennis
    You look very cool in your leg warmers!! Have you considered a career in dancing? I understand they are currently auditioning for a remake of Fame! I can see you now, leaping off the New York Cab in your leg warmers.


  8. I’m not sure what powers those knee pads have, but you have to put up with these things I suppose.

    I think it makes you look like a polo pony.



  9. Dennis I have to say your mama adorns you with the coolest stuff. Also, we’d like to make comment about how great your coat looks! Your mama has really done a great job feeding you and making you healthy from the inside out. I’m sure all the good luvin’ both mom & dad give you helps with that wonderful coat shine.

    Rocket Man and Wiggle Butt


  10. Wow!!! Wwonder Viszla
    Not wanting to be too personal Dennis, but have you shaved your weiner???
    It looks very bare & seems to really be glowing in contrast to your brown fur in these photos..
    Just sayin’….

    Dennis says: hello tony wel yes of korse i hav!!!! duznt evrywun do that??? ok bye


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