the sunday awards and meem show reterns!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i am bak with the sunday awards and meem show now first i wood like to menshun that my gud frend the three dog blogger has posted an intervyoo with me wich is not reely a meem per say but it is a me-em so it kind of kownts wel ennyway yoo can reed this intervyoo heer thanks for the intervyoo three dog blogger hav yore peepul call my peepul and well do luntch ha ha ok lets moov on!!!

ok my first award is the luvly kreativ blogger award frum my gud frends the furry kids now finaly heer is an award frum sumbuddy wot nos how to spel!!!!


i am shoor that evrywun wot has ever thawt that i dont no how to spel feels pretty silly now dont they???  yes i am luking at yoo dada!!!!  my frends the furry kids gayv this award to too of there frends so i wil do the saym i wil giv it to my gud frend asta frum the mithical land of noo york hoo has almost as menny globetrotting adventchers as i do and i wil also giv it to my gud frend amanda d frum the mithical land of teksas hoo is always posting verry pretty piktchers of playses wot i cant go to on akkownt of i am a vizsla dog and also becuz i am broke after trouble embezld all my money last yeer

nekst i got this luvly sparkly baubly shoo award frum mango relentlessly hyooj


mango of korse is faymus for beeing relentlessly hyooj and also for the wurld renownd mango minster in wich i wuz a judj along with other faymus selebritties:

my frend paula duz mayk a gud poynt about this beeing a ladeez shoo but sinse i am just planning to choo it up ennyway it duznt reely matter ha ha however becuz sum mite like to ware sutch a shoo insted of choo it up i wood like to pass it along to a fyoo of my lady frends sutch as:

  • my noo frend doraz hoo posts thawtful kwestchuns and pikchers wot mayk my hed hurt becuz i hav to think abowt them
  • my old frend a blog in the rough hoo has reesently reternd after an absense of sum doorayshun welkum bak a blog in the rough!!!
  • my noo frend martha basset hoo reminds me of me eksept she is british and a girl and a basset hound
  • and finaly my old frend almostgotit hoo can maybe hock the sparkly shoo to help pay for a noo washing masheen

now if yoo wood ekskyooz me i hav to go pik perls and littel peeces of flower pedal owt of my teeth ha ha ok bye

15 thoughts on “the sunday awards and meem show reterns!!!

  1. You can chew on shoos?? I have never thinked of that. Thanks Dennis gosh I am always lerning new thangs frum you! I thinks you should get sum sort of edjucashunal award.

    Yer pal Dozer


  2. Dennis
    Thank you so vewy much fow that awawd..I am vewy honowed..who said you don’t know how to spell???awe they nuts ??
    I have ambitions to leawn how to spell as good as you someday..
    anyway, Dennis, you awe welcome to bowwow my owange Vespa anytime you’s pawked in fwont of Lacie’s at the moment, butoosooally in fwonto of the fiwe hydwant on my stweet(keys awe hidden undew the seet)
    smoochie kisses


  3. Hi Dennis
    Congratulations on your Awards they look very cool. Thank you so much for passing me the beautiful cinderella shoe!! I love it! It is so pretty I hope you don’t chew it.
    I will post it on my blog as soon as I can organise admin staff – just managed to get her to update my blog this morning!
    I am glad we have so much in common Dennis, even though I am British, a girl and a basset hound!!
    love and kisses
    Martha xx


  4. your interview was so fun. and in knew it!!!! you and my gsp ARE related. just come from different countries, ha ha! and shame on you for saying kitty’s don’t have thoughts… what’s poor trouble gonna think???

    and super nice awards you got there, well done!


  5. Very nice. Get another and you’d have a pair. Oh wait. I suppose you’d need 4. You’ll have to be VERY good then.


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