a memoryal for a frend

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel this weekend we went to a memoryal serviss for mamas teemmayt lori hoo yoozd to run the beerded kollee harlow on my flyball teem the ballistic raysers lori wuz always verry nice to me and lukd owt for me wen i wuz noo by telling the other dogs not to get rite in my fayse and helping me git yoozd to beeing arownd so mutch aktivity i wil miss her!!!

unlike most memoryal servisses wot i hav herd abowt this wun wuz held owt at the flyball and adjility feeld and dogs wer welkum to attend so not only mama and dada went but also me and tucker and trixie even though dada tucker and trixie dont play flyball they wer still allowd to tag along altho this fello in a big camper in the parking lot had a fyoo things to say abowt it:

“None shall pass!”

its ok reely we ar awthorizd attendees!!! wunse we got past sekyoority the adjility feeld is owt in the hills and shoor luks diffrent in the daytime then it duz at nite wen i am yoozually their

hay i think i can see my howse frum heer!!!! ha ha no i am just kidding my howse is in the other direkshun frum this wel in addishun to me and tucker and trixie there were menny menny menny other dogs at the memoryal most of them wer beerded kolleez like theez:

their wuz fud and drink and menny nice peepul at the memoryal inklooding peepul wot wer verry susseptibul to the sugjestchun that we wud reely like a peese of kfc pleez:

in fakt my brother tucker the other vizsla dog had to be kept on leed most of the time becuz wen he wuz let off leed he wood eether go strayt to the fud tabel and try to steel fud off it or else he would try to steel fud rite off of peepuls playts inklooding sum peepul wot wer in weelchayrs with there playts in there laps not cool tucker!!!!

this odd littel fello wuznt intrested in the fud or the peepul or the other dogs insted he spent the hole time staring into gofer holes i think he wuz trying to yooze jedi mind triks to get the gofers to come owt:

“Here, gopher gopher gopher. Here, gopher gopher gopher.”

mmmmm yeah gud luk with that

trixie fownd herself a frend wot wuz eeven furrier then her if yoo can beleev it!!!

meenwile hay how ar things going with the gofers????

“You can’t stay down there forever, gopher.”

mmmm yeah thats wot i thawt

wel ennyway their wuz a lot of aktivity and sumtimes i got a littel skayrd but i rested sekyoor in the nolledj that mama and dada wer their to protekt me and also that i can run wicked faster then beerded kolleez ha ha

sevral peepul stood up and gayv littel speetches and reminisd abowt lori and then their wuz a bit of crying type stuf but reely how cud ennywun be sad for long with so menny dogs arownd???  mama and dada sed that this sort of memoryal wuz better than wun ware peepul just stand arownd in a rum beeing unhappy and i hav to agree with them so if ennywun starts to git unhappy i wil come and giv them the vizsla fayse and then they wil be happy agin:

so i gess it wuz a gud day despite the sad okayzhun we wer owt in the fresh air and we got to meet lots of other dogs and peepul and tucker almost got to steel a trucklode of fud and even tho lori is gawn their ar lots of peepul and dogs hoo ar better off becuz she wuz arownd so wel dun lori ok bye

“The gopher is about to crack. I can smell it.”

pee ess: the gofer isnt coming owt — go home!!!!

22 thoughts on “a memoryal for a frend

  1. What a nice post. I hope when I go that my family will have a Memorial like Lori’s. That would make me very happy.


  2. Hi Dennis, that was a nice post in memory of your mum’s friend. I expect Lori would have approved. You are right that with all those dogs around nobody could be sad for too long. Dogs deal with these things so much better than humans – they live in the moment!
    You will need to be extra nice to your mum for a while – but then you already know that. I am sure you will all miss Lori xxx


  3. Hi Dennis — you are hillarious! I think the vizsla fayse could solve all the world’s problems! Sorry to hear about your mom’s friend!


  4. That Vizla fayse made me melt Dennis. You are very kyoot. But truthfully of course you run faster than those bearded collies, look at how much hair they have!


  5. Very nice post Dennis. That sounds like a very good memorial for your friend and I sure she would have appreciated it. Do you think that dog is still there looking for the gophers?
    ~lickies, Ludo


  6. It sounds like a very wonderful afternoon. I’ll bet your friend Lori would have been glad that her memorial service was a happy occasion filled with dogs and friends.


  7. Dennis, Your fayse sure made me happy. What a great memorial.

    Dennis says: hello kathryn thank yoo and it is verry nice to see yoo!!!! come arownd more offen ok???? ok bye


  8. This was a lovely blog today. Thank you for sharing your day at the memorial service. It is always hard to say goodbye and it is good to do that with all of the best friends



  9. Dennis
    You awe so wight..that is a tewwific way to hold a memowial..way bettew than wif just peoples..
    I’m suwe you and tucker and all youw fwiends helped ginouwmously..sowwy about the pesky gophews..I wouldn’t have the patience to wait..I’d just go in aftew them
    smoochie kisses


  10. Hi Dennis, what a beautiful post…..thanks for sharing that lovely day :o)

    As you were one of the first six to comment on our Red Snooters post you have won a Red Nose! Would you like to take part in our contest? If so please email us your postal address so we can send your nose!

    Slobbers from
    Snoop, Alfie, Rosie & Gabbi xx


  11. I am glad you guys were able to take a sad event and make a good day of it. Do you wonder if there was even a gopher down there? Maybe he was at the library or something?


  12. Oh that is such a beautiful thing you all did for Lori. I bet she was there the whole time smiling and barking and playing along… there is certainly nothing better than to celebrate the life and the memories 🙂
    haha We do feel sorry for Gopher puppy though Dennis! You should have went and made furiends buddie! The poor dude! Not even the gophers will come and and play with him 😦


  13. Hey Dennis prolly that wuz the best memorial I have ever herd of. Well okay it is the only one I have ever herd of but it wuz still a good one. Food and dawgs and peoples and toys and a nice sunny day?? Who could want anythang more than that?

    Yer pal Dozer


  14. Hi Dennis….a sad day but I think Lori was smiling down from heaven because it was a wonderful day! a very nice memorial-but we are sorry you and mom lost a friend!



  15. My condolences to you and your Dad and Mum. I think that is the nicest memorial service I have ever heard about. Dogs should always be invited because you guys are so good at making people feel comforted and hopeful again. Good on you for helping everyone.


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