if yoo need a brand noo coaster come see dennis!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel their has been so mutch intrest in the majik flying coaster that i hav purtchasd a lot and am having a big sail!!!!  come wun come all and git yore verry own majik coaster today!!!

no credit??? no problem!!! just come bak wen yoo hav enuf cash!!!
we hav menny custom models avaylabul if by custom model yoo meen wuns that we alreddy hav on the lot!!!
no need to help yore kid shop for a vehikal — kids ar natcherally reely gud negoshiaytors!!!
evrybuddy nos that its the majik flying coaster wot mayks the man!!!
valyooabul ekstras now inklooded!!!

thanks so mutch for yore bizness!!!!  ok bye

27 thoughts on “if yoo need a brand noo coaster come see dennis!!!

  1. So uh Dennis, how did you happen to come into possesion of all those coasters which you are now trying to offload for mucho profit? Sounds like a bit of a, dare I say it, scam?


  2. Do discount on bulk purchases? If I buy 153 will I get 1 free. I know it makes the man, but does it make the cat? And also , do you take Mastercat? Do you do international shipping perhaps to catstanbul? One more question, do you take purrpal?


  3. Dennis – we just posted and it disappeared – you are so clever! Yes we want some magic coasters too but we dont have any money or credit. You are a very impressive salesdog. My mum thinks she may bought a car from you once – do you remember?


  4. Okay Dennis, now you really *have* to tell your Dada to tell me, again, what photo software he uses. I forgot. Not that having the software would enable anyone to duplicate the very cool and clever things he, er, YOU do with it.


  5. Yes a majic coaster! I does not have any moneys but I am wondering if you will do a trade in. I can gives you sum old toys and a dawg named Star its a great deel honest!! Star is purty new here so she cant have depreshiated too much yet.

    Thanks frum yer pal Dozer


  6. A thousand pardons, Dennis, for even suggesting that your photos are “doctored.” Of course they aren’t, and I don’t know what I was even thinking. (But thank your for your response, anyway…;) )


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