25 thoughts on “for the luv of hevven will sumwun pleez chayse me alreddy?!?!?

  1. trixie is sort of trying. she just can’t commit for some reason.

    Jim says: Trixie learned long ago (with Tucker) that there’s no point chasing a vizsla because you won’t catch him. Instead she waits for the vizsla to go by, and then tries to pounce on him.


  2. Scampi never wants to chase me neither! He just goes and gets a stuffie or a ball a drops it at me, like I am going to throw the thing for him or something! Huh. Well I will come over and chase you, if you will chase me!


  3. LOL! Well Roscoe always, almost always chases me! however sonce his legs are so short he hardly ever catches me unless I let him!


  4. Dennis/Denny: We would chase you and chase you and chase you and then we would let you chase us all over the place up and down back and forward around and around and then back again over and over and over! But, cut the old ones some slack. They can’t help it if the don’t have super dog energies like you do, THEY’RE OLD! Your friends, Clover & Cosmo.


  5. Dood! Go steal somethin’! Then you’ll get chased and chased and chased. And DOOOD! Fifty pounds? I think NOT! Try 11.8 and you’ll be closer to the mark-not that I’m vain or anything. But a guy’s gotta stay in trim if he’s to keep his girl.


  6. That one literally made me laugh out loud. America’s Funniest Home video quality. If that makes it “quality,” anyway. 😉


  7. I so so so so wish I could send Tanner to your house. SERIOUSLY you guys would have endless amounts of fun. He is currently searching for a new BFF, maybe you are it.


  8. Oh that was adorable beyond words. Goodbear took my words. I love the way Tucker’s head follows him.

    Jim says: I wonder if Tucker was remembering when he used to run like that. Wow, all of a sudden I’ve made myself melancholy …


  9. Ahh Dennis that video made my mummy laugh so much!! Sophie has a sure fire way to get me to chase her, she runs up to me, nips my neck then runs off…that makes me chase!! xx


  10. Dennis
    I would chase you till we bof dwopped fow a snoozette, then chase you again..I can’t believe they wouldn’t play.
    Hope the bettew weathew gets them motivated
    smoochie kisses


  11. Dennis I am putting Star in a boks rite now and I will jest send her on over to you okay? I will trade you fer Tucker! I thinks it will work out real good fer both of us.

    Yer pal Dozer


  12. Jerry the Rhodesian FridgeSnack will be right over. Only you have to chase *him*. And try to grab his Wubby from him. That will be cool though, right? You’ll love it, right, Dennis?


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