todays sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by dennises majik flying coasters!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav lernd that menny shows and events hav korporit sponsers wot help mayk them profitabul and so i hav deesided to invite the most bestest company i no to be my korporit sponser thats rite it is the faymus dennises majik flying coaster company wot is bringing yoo this fine entertaynment!!!

as a speshul promoshun dennises majik flying coasters wil be giving away wun of theez noo top notch sooper fast rocket powerd majik flying coaster just as soon as owr test pilot tucker is finishd evalyooayting them for sayfty:

ha ha kayrful tucker watch owt for those trees!!! ok wel ennyway today we just hav wun item to award and that is the luvly frends tag wot i got frum my gud frend the black cat:

now yoo may remember that i reseevd theez harts a fyoo munths ago but that is okay yoo can never hav too menny frends!!!  wel eksept on faysbuk wot i hav herd sez yoo can only hav five thowsand frends but thats like ten frends for evry day of the week and a fyoo ekstras for weekends so i gess that is not an unreezonabul limit but ennyway as per the roolz i wil only pass this along to ate of my frends and not five thowsand of them ok heer goze:

thank yoo all and evrywun else wot is my frend and i wil let yoo no wen the rocket powerd coaster is reddy to be awarded it seems like it mite be a wile as it has now left the test korse and appeerz to be heading owt over the pasific oshun hay tucker hang on tite trixie and i wil be coming after yoo just as soon as i can rent us a boat or sumthing!!!!  thanks ok bye

17 thoughts on “todays sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by dennises majik flying coasters!!!

  1. Ciao bello Dennis!

    I’m Lucia, an Airedale girl, and am stopping by to say that mia ragazza and I lovvvveeeee your wonderful bloggie and are faithful readers of it! You hilarious Hungarian cani sure are living la dolce vita what with all of your majik flying coasters, world-domination-seeking gophers and the ongoing hijinks in your world. Write on, Dennis and famiglia!!

    Tanti baci!


  2. Congratulations on your Award Dennis. We hope we get the free magic coaster as it would let us visit all of our friends that we have met through the doggie blogs. We could pop over and visit you too!!!
    Martha & Bailey xx


  3. What a Wonderful Award!!! So pleased to be mentioned as a new friend. It warms my heart, thanks. I appreciate my new friend as well, and of course I love your Blog!! Keep up the wonderful work.


  4. Hallo Mr Dennis, the flying coaster sure looks like fun. I don’t think I would like to try it though but I know my brother George loves adventue and has a bi plane in the garage, wait til I show him your coaster, he will definately be up for trying it.
    Waiting on Tuckers feedback…
    Velvety kissies
    Sophie x


  5. Hey Dennis I thinks the coaster is sposed to have thangs called brakes what stop the coaster frum flying ennymore. (I does not know why they is called brakes but honestly if I wuz gonna buy somethang that wuz breaked then I would want a diskount.)

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. oh man, that’s an amazing magic flying coaster you got there. i think my bean wants one of those….

    and thank you for the friends award. i’m glad to be your friend!!!


  7. Dear Dennis,
    I ordered my coasters last week and they have yet to arrive.

    Stephanie (on behalf of Bailey who lacks opposite thumbs)

    Dennis says: oh ummm yes hello their stephanie ummm yes wel it seems that i am having a littel trouble with my distribyooter wot has tayken my first shipment of majik flying coasters and disapeerd but i wil mayk shoor yoo git wun as soon as possibul!!! ok bye


  8. Poor old Tuckmeister. Was he a willing test pilot?

    Dennis says: hmm that depends on if by willing yoo meen that i trikd him into sitting on it and then fired up the enjinz ha ha ok bye


  9. I hope Tucker has some PPE (personal prective equipment) on that coaster! Like maybe a helmet and fire extinguisher!


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