i went to ramona for flyball and all i got wuz staydj frite oh and also a toy

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yesterday i went to ramona for another flyball turnamint and this time i got to run in the teem relay rayse!!!  and by “got to run” wot i meen is “wuz suppozd to run” becuz i kind of got a little bit dis … discombob … wel ennyway i had sum anksietty and fayld to perform as ekspekted wot i hav herd is a common problem at leest akkording to sum ads wot i hav seen on televizhun

poor mama wuz ekspekting me to do verry wel at the rayse becuz i hav ben doing nuthing but kleen runs for weeks at praktiss however wot she did not kownt on is that at this turnamint we ar running under a solid roof wot mayks boomeez and ekkoze wot reely freekd me owt wel ennyway lets start at the beginning ok so as yoo can see my flyball teem set up a hevvily fortified kompownd to keep us faymus rayser tipes safely away frum the probing kamras of the puparazi:

heer i am chillin in my crib in owr fortified kompownd with my fellow teemmayt and noted trixie impersonaytor bailey

chek owt my fluffy blanky wot keeps me warm in the cold cold mowntin air of ramona noted trixie impersonaytor bailey duznt need sutch a blanky becuz part being a trixie impersonaytor is having a thick thick coat of fur

heer is wun of owr hyooman roadeez cuking up sum fud on the barbecue hay i wil hav six hambergers and nineteen schnitzengruben pleez!!! ha ha no i am just kidding fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis how mutch duz a faymus flyball athleet sutch as yoreself mayk in a yeer??? wel the anser is that we dont play for munny we play for bling and other loot!!!  this is for taks reezons of korse

bling and other loot

but to git the bling and the loot we hav to rayse!!!! like in this pikcher ware my frend indie the dachshund beagle mix is raysing and also showing off his speshul flyball neepads like the wuns wot wonder woman stole frum me:

wurlds fasted dachshund/beagle mix flyball rayser

go go go indie!!! hay indie wot do yoo like to do wen yoo ar not raysing???

mmmm yeah thats wot i thawt wel ok now heer it is wot yoo hav all ben wayting for the viddyo of the ballistic raysers flyball teem in akshun!!!

ok so now yoo ar saying sumthing else to yoreself yoo ar saying self i wunder why their is no viddyo of dennis raysing!!! wel that is becuz wen it wuz my tern to rayse i sorta kinda just stud their with my teeth in my mowth mama sez i wuz beeing aflikted with jeneral anksietty disorder and i woodnt run i just stood their as if paralyzed with staydj frite so finaly they had to pull me and replayse me with an alternat teem member layter on mama and her frends set up the jumps owtside and i ran thru them kleen sevral times i just cudnt do it under the big scarry ruf with all the weerd noizes and echoing dog barks wot gayv me flashbaks to beeing in the shelter or sumthing i cant say eksaktly maybe it was ptsd post trawmatik shelter disorder

wel ennyway eeven tho i didnt git to do enny akchooal runs i stil got this luvly consolayshun prize:

i lost on jeppardy baybeeeeeee ….

this is sort of like wen the loozers on jeppardy git a copy of the home edishun so they can play at home and continyoo to reliv there faylyoor however i myself had a gud nites sleep and hav forgottin all abowt it at leest until nekst time ha ha ok bye

28 thoughts on “i went to ramona for flyball and all i got wuz staydj frite oh and also a toy

  1. No worries Dennis! Clearly flyball should only be played under the big open skies and bright sun. Zoe would have totally boycotted the artificial surrounds of a large metal roof too 😉


  2. Oh, poor Dennis. Chase watched the video and I explained why you weren’t in it. He completely understands. The first time he went to a dog show in a giant arena where the sounds bounced off the walls and huge trash cans traveled around the rings, he froze also. Then, just when he thought things were settling down, a bulldog fell off the ramp in the next ring. All that noise with no identifiable source makes it too hard to concentrate on your job.


  3. Ciao Dennis!

    Listen, mio caro amico, just showing up counts hooooogely, so that makes you a winner in my book. I’d gladly snarf down a hamburger (or maybe 15!) of celebration in your honor except that mia stupida ragazza only gives me kibble.

    Tanti baci!


  4. Dennny, Woohoo! You know, the television is always telling us about these magic pills that you can take for performance anxiety .. but they always say something about contacting a doctor if the side effects last longer than 6 hours. Not sure what that’s all about, but you might want to check into it. Your friend, Cosmo


  5. Aww poor Dennis, I thinks I would have been scared of all the echo’s too! They would sound like scary evps and stuffs!
    You were a winner in my eyes buddie 🙂


  6. Well Dennis, you are a winner anyway. You probably got the most hamburgers! Loud noises are very scary, I am not to fond of them myself!


  7. Hi, Dennis!
    I am sure next time you will do it much better.
    I got tired just watching those doggies in the video!
    Enjoy your toy!
    Kisses and hugs


  8. Roadies!


    Were there any groupies?

    BTW, that flyball thing is yet another item not on THIS Siberian’s list of ‘things’ she’ll do!



  9. Dear Dennis the Vizsla Dog, you are a hero coz not many dogs of intelligence and sensitivity would want to race in a horrid, noisy, echoing place! Shitznengroobinz, erm, schnitsen, erm, them schitemsumfinks, wot iz them? I mean, wot ar them, I mean, what are they? Are they like chicken Kiev? Or hot dogs, erm, sausages in bread rolls? With onions and stuff?

    I’m glad you found the awardie I gave you coz that’s saved me from having to visit to tell you about it… Harharhar! Luvzya 🙂 xxx


  10. Hai Dennis, its ok to git distracted, I do dat all da time. Like tonight, when I was s’pose to bring dad my toy to toss, I kept pushing it at mom and she was not even in da same room as dad. Oh well, we dawgs know wat we like dats all dat counts! But really dat looks fun to do – run run run run run run run run play play play play play ….


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  11. That all looked rather frightening to me too. ALl that screeching and yelling and dogs barking, NO THANKS! I don’t blame you for a second, I hope you still got your grub though.


  12. Dennis, just don’t think about your lack of performance next time.

    The worst thing you can do is keep saying to yourself

    “I couldn’t perform last time, I wonder if I can Today”.

    Absolutely don’t keep repeating that to yourself and you will be okay 😉


  13. Never mind Dennis, we alls get stage fright sometimes!! Most importantly did yoos get your 6 hamburgers?? YUM! xx


  14. Aww It’s OK There will be another day. I have days like that myself, had one just the other day. I just froze right up. And other days it’s like were born to run.;+).


  15. Those commercials don’t realte to you Dennis. Just humans. 😉
    Don’t be worried about not being able to perform this time. I’m sure you will get it.


  16. Dont worry Dennis it happens to everybuddy. Well it never happened to me but thats cause I never getted to go to competishuns in fakt I never made it past my first ajilitee class cause I kept straytening out them curved tunnels. I mean why did they want them tunnels all curvy in the first place? So when I runned thru them I jest pushed them out strayte and Mummy finally sed oh Dozer this jest is not wut you wuz ment fer doing. I does not know wut she ment cause I wuz the very best tunnel straytener in the whole class.

    Anyways the point is that Old Lady Dawg did do fine in ajilitee and left them tunnels curvy so she did go to competishuns and she did not like the competishuns at all. So even tho Mummy wanted her to jump and run and go thru them tunnels and whatnot Old Lady Dawg jest runned to the end of the corse where me and Daddy wuz waiting fer her. Even when we hid frum her she would run off the corse and try to find us. I thinks you are doing much better than Old Lady Dawg cause at least you did not run aways!

    Yer pal Dozer


  17. Dennis, mate, I had a similar experience when momma tried to make me a show doggie. I did great at practice but then when I got to the show it was in a big scary building and I refused to go in.

    I get tired just watching the flyball, but Momma is all thinking yet another “fun” thing for Pee-Wee.

    I hope your performance did not effect access to all those grilled foodables.



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