hi ho hi ho its off to see we go

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel yoozing my ekspekted thirty persent advanse munny frum the african bankers and joowel deelers and wotnot i hav fownd myself a top notch see captin to take me and trixie owt in serch of tucker and the crashd rocket powerd majik flying coaster his naym is quint and he seems like he reely enjoys his wurk:

ummmmmm yeah thanks quint we can skip the skinning part tho ok???? ok sooper wel off we go then!!!!

im shoor this wil be just a kwik owt and bak voyadj a three owr toor if yoo wil!!! i wil keep evrywun posted on owr progress so stay toond ok bye

Meanwhile …

21 thoughts on “hi ho hi ho its off to see we go

  1. Hai Dennis! Yoo know what Mom and Dad watch that LOST but I did not know yoo was part of it! WOW!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!

    PEEEEEEEEEEEEE ssssssssss: I gaved yoo an award!


  2. Uh, this is very worriting, but you is Dennis the Vizsla, you always prevale, Ai hav evry konfidenz in yoo. Yu iz mai heero and mai spelin coche alung uv Skeezix und Jeter ‘Arris. Pleez doan’t fale in yor kwest coz Ai luvz yoo und reelie on yuo. Ai sez, “No, not Horrer, jest meowmiew’s joke, she duz not strave me, she fuds me gude”.

    Luvzylotts, yur frennid, Bozo, 🙂 oxo (that’s a tastee stokc coob but allso meens hug kiss hug und that’s wot Ai meen!)


  3. Dennis, mio dolce amico, be careful of the sea beasties with the big teeth! Remember, what you are dealing with there is a perfetto engine, an eating machine…

    Tanti baci!


  4. You look perfectly at eased being air wrecked in the middle of somewhere … ehehehhe …

    licks and wags,

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods (Demolition) Pack


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