speshul delivry!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? i just got a speshul packadj in the mail frum my gud frends the dughallmor beagles wot liv far away in the mithical land of scotland!!! i wunder wot it cud be!!! lets luk inside:

hay luk it is a bloo paper skware with my naym on it!!!

wel thank yoo so mutch beagles!!! i wil trezhure this bloo paper skware always!!! i wil put it in a fraym and poynt it owt to peepul and say this is the bloo paper skware wot i got frum my frends the beagles and — wot??? oh wayt dada sez that the skware is in fakt an envelope wot has sumthing inside oooh wow the things they think of theez days!!! ok lets luk inside:

oh it is a kyoot cardstock skware with a pikcher of a dog on it!!! i wil trezhure this cardstock skware always and — wot??? oh now dada sez that this skware is aktchooally a card wot i shud open becuz it wil hav sumthing ritten inside ok dada shoor wotever yoo say lets luk and see if their is reely sumthing ritten inside it ok heer goze:

hay wow dada wuz rite agin!!! it must be the apokalips or sumthing!!! ha ha no i am just kidding dada is rite evry wunse in a wile yoozhually wen he is agreeing with mama but as yoo can see this card kontayns a luvly note from the dughallmore beagles!!! thank yoo so mutch!!! lets see wot else is in this packadj hmm oh my gosh luk at this!!!

it is a littel rownd red faysd guy wot is suffokayting becuz he is all rappd up in plastic!!! dont wurry littel red faysd guy we wil sayv yoo!!!!

their yoo go littel red faysd guy is that better??? can yoo breethe now??? ok gud whew that wuz a close wun wuznt it??? hay littel red faysd guy meet my brother tucker:

ha ha no tucker yoo cannot eet it just lik it!!! wot??? oh hmm the littel red faysd guy sez he wants to attatch himself to my nose ummmm ok shoor if yoo reely want to after all we aym to pleez

hay littel red faysd guy i hope yoo didnt hav baykd beens for dinner ha ha no i am just kidding i akchooally hope yoo did!!! oh hay ware ar yoo going now??? dont go down their trouble the kitty wil get verry mad at yoo!!!

wel i gess a bunch of red noses is better then wun rite???

hmm theez red nose clones ar nice but i wunder wot happend to the oridjinal wun and why he thawt he needed to mayk so menny clones of himself oh wel i gess its just wun of those littel mistreez we probly wont be seeing him agin i am shoor he is off living the gud life wile his clones do all the wurk ha ha ok bye

Meanwhile …

22 thoughts on “speshul delivry!!!

  1. Boy Dennis, that little package you got in the mail sure got some excitement going at your place! You had a lot of your buddies turning heads! Try to keep it all under control! Have a great weekend!


  2. Oh Dennis you crack us up. Mommy too. When she saw that picture of you alone with the guy on your knows she said she almost pee’d herself. Good thing it was almost cause she was lying on the bed and yuck…


  3. Hi Dennis
    Only you could be so creative with your red nose!! Loving the wee scottish red nose!!!
    Scotland cant be mythical though cos we live here too……..


  4. now that’s a very clever red ball to be able to clone itself … even hoomans can’t do it yet … 😛 Well, at least properly …

    Licks and Wags,
    Tuffy and the Dog WOods (Demolition) Pack

    Pee Ess. Maybe we could introduce Trixie Mutt to our Trixie Malinois.


  5. TIPO!!! That rosso naso is amazing! Sure, sure, mia ragazza fell off her chair laughing [GET UP GET UP!!] at the photo of you wearing it, but I think you look fantastico. Airedales are wayyyy big on big noses….

    Tanti baci!


  6. Oh that was the sweetest thing. Red noses for everyone. I’m just sitting here smiling I feel like I have a little plastic nose on myself in fact red noses for everyone here.;+) Thanks for the fun. Hope you have a great Weekend.


  7. Well Dennis, maybe Trouble will clone enough of them that everyone in the whole world can wear the little red face guy! Hopefully Rudolph does not have a patent on this nose thing or there could be Trouble!


  8. Hehe Dennis….you are very funny…LOL at the baked beans…hahahaha! Glad the little guy got there safely and you got some great shots with the clones! No wonder he was red when he reached you, we didn’t realise he was shrink-wrapped…but he’s okay!
    LOVING Bravenose too…played by Smel Gibson?….FREEEEDOMMMM!!
    Slobbers xx


  9. Goodness Dennis, you can have an adventure at your place with any inanimate object.
    While you all have clownish red noses I can almost imagine a Dennis/Trixie/Tucker/Trouble/Ronald McDonald adventure…..


  10. Dennis what a wonderful surprise!!And it is so great to see you all helping a good cause!
    SIDS is a very yukky thing! I think that they shoudl have sent you all the one to put on the front of cars though 😛 hahaha
    Nah just kidding!


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