We Interrupt Our Regularly-Scheduled Saturday Matinee To Bring You An Early-Morning Game Of Fetch

My wife has been sick with the flu since Monday (not gonna get it not gonna get it not gonna get it), which means no agility and no flyball. This has made Dennis go a little stir-crazy, so rather than collate his notes from his latest adventures in archeology, we went outside for a little game of fetch this morning.

As you can see, Tucker was unimpressed by Dennis’s athletic prowess.  But he did deign to sit and observe, as long as he got to sit on my wife’s lap the whole time.

25 thoughts on “We Interrupt Our Regularly-Scheduled Saturday Matinee To Bring You An Early-Morning Game Of Fetch

  1. It takes evfurrykind of furrypeeple to make the world seem right…

    To each his own!

    Hope your mohm feels better sooooone!



  2. If it’s the intestinal flu (brought to Albuquerque from Oregon), it is really nasty. I hope you feel better soon — or don’t catch it at all — depending on which of you is reading this.


  3. Aawww not feeling well? I’m sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon,;+). Cute post of older and wiser sitting with Mom getting ears rubbed. And faster than a speeding bullet WOW. Go speed racer Go.


  4. We are with Tucker – we just dont get this fetch thing at all. If your Dad wants that thing he keep throwing why does he keep throwing it away again and again?
    We hope your mum gets better soon – it is no fun having flu.
    martha & bailey xx


  5. Dennis, Dude! You got out of bed to play fetch? We really need to have a chat. Your friend, Coz

    Denny! Woohoo!! I’m right there with you chasing and playing fetch and everything because that’s what I live for even if Cosmo doesn’t get it, and Tucker is too old, and Trixie is hiding out somewhere, who cares about them because … “WE were born to fetch!!” Woohoo!! Your friend Clover

    Hope everyone starts to feel better, D.


  6. Is it a skateboard? Is it a racing car? Is it a dragster? No-o-o-o-ohhhh! It’s Souperden, the Vanishing Vizsla (who Saves Stuff from the Outer Reaches of Alternative Universes and Fetches it Back to Our (whose?) Reality)!!!

    A commentator was recently heard asking, “Souperden, can you take Stuff out of our Reality and confine it forever to the Infinite Reaches of Outer Alternative Space?” Souperden declined to comment, merely dipping his head slightly and looking up with his beautiful, expressive eyes…

    The commentator concluded from this that if his abilities were a two-way deal, Souperden would have consigned his Mummy’s Flu to the Infinite Reaches of Outer Alternative Space already.

    Souperden, we love you, we know about Mock Horror, we know about Real Flu Horror, we send you purrs gentle woofs for a quick recovery to your Mummy, we send you wishes for a two-way interaction with the Alternative Universe and we give you lotsa lurve!

    Bozo and his Stoopid Bean 🙂 xxx


  7. Tucker is definitely a mama’s boy. 😀 Where was Trixie? Hope your wife feels better soon and you don’t catch it.


  8. Hallo Mr Dennis, you are excellent at catch. I’m not sure if Tucker is bored or just communicating to you that he is of no threat to your wonderful game.
    Velvety Kissies

    pee.Es: I hope your Mummy gets well soon.


  9. You getted to play ball THAT ERLY in the morning??? Sheesh that is sumthang I can only dreem about. Litrally. Cause we are all still sleeping that erly.

    Yer pal Dozer


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