sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by nobody

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after last weeks fiasko with the rocket powerd majik flying coaster i hav ben unaybul to find a sponser for this weeks sunday awards and meem show becuz it appeerz that roomers hav spred that the sunday awards and meem show is cursd or sumthing can yoo beleev it?!?!?   i wood like to ashoor all potenshul sponsers that nuthing cud be ferther frum the trooth and the awards and meem show is not only not cursd but akchooally it has majikal powers of mayking peepul rich and yung and gud luking!!!!  of korse i am not referring heer to dada i am referring to myself ha ha ok wel lets git started with the akchooal award porshun of the show shall we???

i only hav wun award this week but it is wun wot i hav never seen before it is the frendly pacman blogger award wot i got frum my gud frends at the misadventures of me blog!!!


as yoo can see this pacman is verry verry happy indeed prezoomably becuz he has just assisted his animay frends pikachoo and dragonball z in defeeting sum sort of jiant insekt frum another dimenshun or sumthing or perhaps he just ayt a power up pill in enny event he is feeling verry verry frendly now just like me!!!  i wood like to pass this frendly pacman along to a kuple of my gud frends i wil call them inky winky blinky and clyde wot ar there reel nayms yoo ask???  i dont no yoo wil hav to klik on them to find owt!!!

ok i am no gud at keeping secrets they ar riley the catahoula and goodbear and doraz and my noo frend lucia wot speeks in the langwidj of the mithical land of italy wich is ware my mama and dada like to pretend sum of there ansestors ar frum wich is just ridiculus becuz i hav seen pikchers of this socalld italy and it is kleerly a pikcher of sum sort of ekspensiv futware and this is why evrywun likes italian shooz so mutch oh sorry i got a littel sidetrackd their but ennyway yoo wil stil hav to klik on the links to find owt hoo is hoo unless yoo ar sneeky and hover yore mowse over the links to see ware they go but reely yoo wudnt want to be sneeky wood yoo???

gosh that little smiley face pacman is so kyoot i think i want to luk at it agin!!!


wot the???  hay ware did my little smiley faysd frend go?!  has ennywun seen a little pacman thing going wokka wokka arownd reesently?!  thanks ok bye

Meanwhile …

15 thoughts on “sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by nobody

  1. aren’t you clever using secret names!? thanks, and it’s an honor to share the esteemed pacman award with inky blinky and clyde!
    i saw another pacman thingy with a bow on it’s head chasing some ghosts around. ask her.


  2. Dennis, you made my day! Thank You! I was just coming by to check on your latest adventures, when I was presented with this surprise! 🙂 You are so sweet and thoughtful! Thanks SO much! I hope we stay friends for a LONG time!


  3. Congrats are being sent out to all of my other blogging friends who received this award. I will be by to see what adventures you are traveling! 🙂


  4. Your frendly award makes me happy jest looking at it. I wunder why oh hey wow you know I jest notissed yer award looks a lot like a BALL! Mebbe that is why!! Get yer Daddy to throw it!!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  5. Hai Dennis I has to watch my own pacman lookin smiley face now, I dun want it to get lost off da page. Dat wud be kinda scary but then I cud run and jump all over it if it came to my house!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  6. Ciao caro Dennis!

    I am soooooo excited to get this eccellente award! Grazie mille to you, mio dolce amico!! Mwah, mwah, mwah!!! (Blush …!!)

    Tanti baci!!


  7. Hi Dennis…mom is a slacker! She’s been working so much I haven’t been able to visit all of my friends! I hope you’ve been having fun!! Was it super windy today down where you live? Mom and I were buffeted by the wind!!




  8. I’m so glad to see my friend Doraz received an Award!!! She is so deserving ;+). If you haven’t seen her blog check it out it is a lot of fun.Yeah, Doraz ;+) Yeah, Dennis ;+).


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