dispatch frum the see

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel trixie and i ar having an uneventful voyadj so far abord owr noo frend quints ship we ar lerning how to be saylors and quint and i hav ben bonding over owr scars in a verry manly fashun:

oh yes scars ar verry manly indeed!!! but we dont tawk abowt owr emoshunal scars becuz that wood meen we were girls like trixie ha ha poor trixie thats ok yoo ar stil pretty even if yoo dont hav enny scars to show off!!!

sayling a ship is a lot more komplikayted then yoo mite think yoo hav to steer it and yoo hav to avoyd krashing it into rocks and yoo hav to try not to let it sink but quint is kleerly an ekspert in theez matters so we hav nuthing to wurry abowt!!!

trixie seems to think quint is some sort of gold chayn waring poseur but he woodnt ware all that bling if he thawt their wuz enny possibility the ship wood sink after all he is not crazy and — oh hay wot is that jiant wite thing following us???? aaaiiieeeeee!!!! its a sooper jiant verzhun of my beloog wale toy and it is rekking the ship!!!! run away run away run away!!!

oh no quint wuz wayd down by his bling and unable to eskayp frum the klutches of the jiant belooga wale!!! oh the horror the horror!!! fortchoonatly tho trixie wuz waring her life preserver and we wer abel to ride the rekadj of quints ship sayfly to shore!!!

but … wot shore is it?!?!? are tucker and my rocket powerd majik flying coaster on this iland? i gess we wil hav to go eksploring and find owt!!! poor poor tucker he must be alone and afrayd and so hungry by now!!! dont wurry tucker we will sayv yoo!!!! ok bye

Meanwhile …

16 thoughts on “dispatch frum the see

  1. Moral of the story, trust the Pixie!!

    There’s possibly more destruction to be followed … I enjoyed reading your stories very much.

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack


  2. Hey Dennis, we are just catching up on your adventures!! Wow!

    We has also made a note that bling not be a lofe preserver…that might comes in useful one day!! BOL 😉 XX


  3. Well. I was exhausted just reading about this adventure! Have do you all manage to be so active and creative??? WOW, I can’t keep up with you all!!!! I will stay tuned! 🙂


  4. So that’s what happened to Quint. I always wondered. I have a manly scar on the top of my head where my auntie Rosie bited me when I was an annoying puppy. As if.



  5. Hey I wonder why that Boolooga whale didn’t eat all tose yummy milk bones! I wonder what flavor they were? Cool shades Tucker!


  6. We thought the bling would make you sink cos it is heavy. We are sending Bailey to you first class post to see if you can make a bridge! She does have a rather long body so it could work.
    We liked the tea and biscuits!!


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