Greatest Hits Volume II

Due to the tremendous response to last year’s Greatest Hits release, we are back with Greatest Hits Volume II.

Dennis:  The Hitmaker.

Whew, that’s a long video! Let’s go the highlights reel:

“Come on … chase me!”
“You know you want to!”
“I’m a fast mover — you can’t catch me!”
“Your silly attempt at body-checking will not slow me down!”
“Sorry, Dennis, if you think you can knock me over then you’ve obviously mistaken me for Tucker.”
“Life is good!”

21 thoughts on “Greatest Hits Volume II

  1. aaaw, that last photo is the best! pure bliss on that face, pure bliss. and you know what? in my next life i think i’ll come back as your pups. they’re ALWAYS having fun!


  2. Dang…Mom was hoping fur some Khlassikhs Four…

    BUT let the ‘rekhords’ show that Trixie and I would SOOOO kikhk your Vizsla Butts if I khame to khalifornia with an akhhing in my heart!



  3. Woohoo! Denny, you are a running jumping chasing machine! Dude, we HAVE to have a foot race some time. That is, of course, after I take a nap. Your friend, Cosmo

    Dennis! What a nut job! (And, believe me, I know when when I see one.) Your friend, Clover


  4. heh heh Hai Dennis! Dat looked like when I go visit my Rhode Island BT buddy group at da park! We play and play and growl and jump and do all sorts of peein on stuffs…


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  5. mom plaied the movie of DennistheVizsla an he was barkin an I hurd from upstares an I came downstares an started grrrrrin and ba-woo-wo–wo–in an den mom said it was dennisthevizsla on the tv an I went bak to da frunt windoe an bark-bakr-barkd at birdies.
    O, an goggie nex dur lookd sad like he wanted to plai.

    Bailey BEan

    Dennis says: hello bailey bean yes mama and dada hav invited the doggie nekst door to come over for a playdayt but his owners dont seem all that intrested in having a playdayt so for now he just hav to watch it is verry verry sad but dada duz go and pet him over the fense sumtimes and he is verry frendly the doggie i meen not dada dada is wun of those introvert types as yoo can tel by the fakt that he has not wun but too blogs ha ha ok bye


  6. WOW Dennis that wuz sum seerius case of zoomies!! It wuz so bad even Tucker catched it a little and usually old dawgs is immune to zoomies. I hopes you have recovered and is okay now. My evil roommate Star also gets the zoomies almost every day sumtimes twice it is a terrible diseese wut causes a path of devastashun and destrukshun. I kin only wish fer a cure.

    Yer pal Dozer


  7. Wooo! Dennis now that’s some major zoomies you pack are having! You sure can fly! Looks like you all had bark-loads of fun!

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack


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