we got sum wild wild life!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay we had an unauthorized visitter snooping arownd owr yard the other day i think he may hav come over frum my gud frend goodbears howse ennyway check it owt!!!

at first the visitter wuz rite owtside owr fense but by the time my fotograffer manadjd to find his camra and start taking pikchers the visitter had alreddy moovd on into the weeds ware he demonstrayted his camofladj tekneek as popyoolarized by the faymus survivalist monty python in his edjookayshunal viddyo entitled how not to be seen

nobuddy heer but us weedz

the visitter then emerdjd frum the weeds ware it wuz reveeld to be a coyote just like goodbears!!!!

the coyote then stopd to survey the nayborhud and posibly luk for a snak

heer skwirrel skwirrel skwirrel

ooh wot did yoo spot?!?!  is it a ninja hedjhog??!!  is it a skwirrel arsonist?!?!  wot is it???

hay buddy poynting is my job!!!!

for my nekst impreshun — dennis the vizsla dog!!!

then dada got this luvly shot of the coyote beehind a silver pole i am not entirely shoor wot dadas obseshun with shiny silver poles is but he shoor likes to tayk pikchers of them

then the coyote went bak into the tal weeds ok ok coyote we git it yoo hav mad camofladj skils but now yoo ar just showing off!!!

wel goodbye coyote thanks for stopping by and the nekst time yoo ar at goodbears playse tell her dennis the vizsla dog sed hello!!!! thanks ok bye

18 thoughts on “we got sum wild wild life!!!

  1. great pictures. this one looks a little heftier than the scrawny one in my neighborhood.

    Jim says: We’ve got no shortage of ground squirrels and bunnies on that hillside, that’s for sure. Once the fruit trees start dropping apricots, the coyotes also come around to eat the fruit off the ground. And then of course there’s always the In-N-Out Burger down the street.


  2. And what were you, Tucker and Trixie doing while all this was going on?

    Dennis says: dada kroolly lokd us in the howse so that we cudnt go and tel the visiting coyote wot we thawt of him krool krool dada!!!! ok bye


  3. Wow Dennis! you and good bear should become wildlife photographers! Me and my mom saw one on our walk last week! He was walking down the street going in the other direction. He didn’t even stop to say hello, how rude, at least yours hung out for a while. Some man told us he was looking for cats, I think he meant to say snacks. So did you name him and invite him back for tea?


  4. WOW Great pictures. I get lots of shinny poles in my photos. Taking pictures of the wild ones is so hard because you have to be so fast.Great job! Ive been taking pictures of birds and it’s so hard because they fly away so fast.


  5. Hey Dennis, There use to be loads of those camoflaged coyotes where I used to live out West. Here’s it’s all squirrels and skunk and racoons and those god damned cats! I don’t like cats, except for Merv. But don’t tell Joey I have a crush on him.



  6. Cool. I would hide behind the fence of poles to take pics too!

    Shame Dada wouldn’t let you tell him what you thought of him snooping, Dennis. I bet he just wants his 15 mins of t’internet fame like the rest of us!


  7. We loved your photographs today – how cool was that to see a coyote!(Suddenly our typist worries about spelling – we assure it is OK – it’s Dennis!)
    Did you go chase the coyote Dennis or was you scared? Perhaps you could have invited him/her in for dinner as poor coyote looking a bit thin! xxx


  8. omdog, take a look at that guy, what is he looking for a handout or something? We certainly dont get anything cool like that in my hood, but we see them running near our house sometimes.


  9. Hey Dennis you had another DAWG in yer yard?!?! Oh the outraje!! Oh the injustiss!!! Oh the… wait… is a coyote the same thang as a dawg? Now I am not shore if I am sposed to be angree about this.

    Yer pal Dozer


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