down the hatch

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel we ar now putting the professors big plan into operayshun and trixie is wurking verry verry hard to tow the iland bak to the maynland yoo go trixie!!!


go go go trixie!!!!

Meanwhile, on another part of the island …..

Seconds later …

Seconds after that …

yay trixie!!!! whoo luk at the iland go!!! its almost like sumbuddy just ternd on sum sort of jiant owtbord motor or sumthing!!! and luk heer comes tucker with a hole bunch of sawsadjes!!! hey tucker we wer all on the same iland the hole time isnt that funny??? can i hav a sawsadj???? nom nom nom nom oh hay luk its the harbor we ar bak on the maynland!!!!

ha ha thanks a bunch littel buddy but i think trixie and tucker and me ar going to hed home but hay yoo hav fun on yore harbor ekskurzhun ok bye

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean …

13 thoughts on “down the hatch

  1. That’s wild. And you got to meet Gilligan? Too cool. We’ve only seen him on tv. Could Dixie tow the island to Georgia?

    love & wags,
    Pee-ess my mom says thanks for visiting our blog. You are a funny guy.


  2. Hey Trixie, I hope you got your bite back … the dennis is too much making you do all the hard work while he’s working his way over sausages.

    Swim over to Dog Woods and we’d have a feast for yer!

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy of DOg WOods


  3. Hey Wonder Woman I does not advise taking a check frum Trouble. Better fly to an ATM and make Trouble take the munny out rite there.

    Yer pal Dozer


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