Cruel Jokes Are Never Funny


Hello, stuffie friedds. My dabe is Fuzzy Browd Bear, add for several modths I have shared a hobe with Dennis the Vizsla Dog. As you bay dow, Dennis styles hibself a cobediad, and edjoys posting purportedly huborous stories and silly jokes about his advedtures.

Seebs like good clead fud, doesn’t it? Udfortunately, Dennis’s “jokes” ofted veer into bean-spirited taudts and jibes about those differedt frob hibself.

Frequedtly, stuffies such as byself are the butts of Dennis’s so-called “hubor”.

Spedding every day with Dennis, one gets used to the codtiduous streab of abuse; but sobetibes his remarks cad take a troubling turn toward intibidatiod.

Soudds like a threat, doesn’t it? A threat I should have taked seriously, but, to my regret, I did dot.

Let this be a wake-up call to all stuffies everywhere! Do dot tolerate cruel hubor at your expense, lest it should escalate idto actual physical harb. The dose you save bay be your owd.

Good day, and thadk you for reading.

This public service announcement was brought to you by the Stuffie Defense League.

Later …

30 thoughts on “Cruel Jokes Are Never Funny

  1. oh Sorry stuffie. You need to get your own back. I is ashamed to admit I has beed the executor of some stuffie nose removal in the past but I learned my lesson when they all attacked me.

    I hopes that new nose means you can talk better now. BOL!
    ~lickies, Ludo


  2. Deer DennistheVizsla,
    Last nite I sawwded a show about goggies and they had a dennisthevizsla dog on it and I didn’t no that you dun’t stink.
    Becuze yur jokes sure due!
    What mom? Whats you meen I gots to go lie down…? Butt, I…



  3. Ah Dennis, as they say in Scotland about jokes “it’s the way you tell them” You seem to have a gift!
    Thanks for offering Tanner to help sort out the ducks – we will let you know next time we are going to the Loch and he can fly over on the majic coaster!!! xxx


  4. Ack! We nearly missed this PSA by the Stuffie Defense league, even after a lawyer from your organization contacted our own resident stuffie, Wubbie, offering to represent him in his suit against Jerry the Rhodesian Fridge Snack who had chewed off his nose and eyes. Clearly we need to band together and set new legal precedent for this sort of thing, or possibly even consider a class action.


  5. We, the stuffies resident in the House of the Black Cat, Wigger the tiger, Ferdie the Fox, Biggish Teddy, Li’l Teddy, Pink Pig, Green Lion and others too numerous to mention, are up in arms and taking legal advice. Be afraid, be very afraid… Harharharharharharhar!!!

    (Sorry about that Dennis – BC).

    We think that Boris the Spider was looking over the human’s shoulder one night when she was reading Facebook and got an idea from your Daddy… We used to love her but she’s been neglecting us lately in favour of reading Scurrilous Blog Posts so we might not stage an intervention and if we don’t, she will be afraid… Very Afraid… HARHARHARHARHARHAR and HEH HEH HEH!!!

    Signed: WT, FF, BT, LT, PP, GL and OTNTM, Members of the League of Stuffies of the House of the Black Cat, soon to be affiliated with the Stuffie Defenc(s)e League (why can’t you Mericky Stuffies learn how to spell? HARHARHARHAR etc.)

    (Sorry Dennis – BC :)xxx)


  6. Hahah Dennis you remind me of a fatter version of Jerry.. you has that dumb look he has 🙂 In a nice way of course!
    You know what I thinks Dennis… people should just lighten up.. too many serious folks out there.. the sooner we can take things with a grain of salt the better… though… NO JOKES ABOUT CATS! hahahah just teasing! 😛


  7. Hai Dennis yoo is furry funny. I has a few of those stuffies here, tore the stuffin right out of em I did!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  8. Hey Dennis did you heer the one about the ball?? Oh wait that is not a joke. I wuz jest gonna tell you about my red Kong ball.

    Yer pal Dozer


  9. Dennis, your unhappy stuffie sounds like the Chief when she has a cold. Hehehehehe …Stuffed!

    Shhhh, don’t tell her i told u that.

    Licks and Wags

    TUffy of Dog Woods


  10. Dennis
    I have sometimes had stuffies splode on me( out of the blue wif no pwovocation), but i would nevew laugh at them ow jole about them..poow stuffie
    Now I’m sad
    smoochie kisses


  11. Harrrrr Dennis
    what great jokes ye may want to watch out for the stuffies Harrr.
    Cap’n Maverick the Pirate


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