ar yoo gunna eet that???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so we ar bak frum owr adventchers on the hi seez and boy it shoor is gud to hav mamas home cuking agin!!!  all quint noo how to mayk was pork and beens evry nite!!!  as yoo can see trixie espeshly wuz enjoying her yummy raw fud continyooing to eet it even after tucker and i had long sinse polishd off owrs:

can i hav yore vedjeez if yoo dont want them???

wel ok fine eet all yore own stoopid fud see if i care!!!  ennyway i hav herd a roomer that we hav visitters coming from the mithical land of noo york eether that or dada is prepayring the gest bedrooms for me and tucker so we can hav owr own beds hmm i wunder if it thats becuz of all the pork and beens we ayt wen we wer with quint hmmmmmmm no i am pretty shoor it is becuz company is coming ennyway if i am a littel skayrse for the nekst kuple of weeks it is dada is off galivanting with his fansy noo york visitters wile i sit at home unaybul to log into the kompyooter becuz i am lokd in my krate oh the inhyoomanitty!!!!!!  i reely need to git myself a laptop ha ha ok bye

20 thoughts on “ar yoo gunna eet that???

  1. Hey, Dennis,
    Chase has been looking into those thought-operated laptops. It writes whatever you’re thinking. It’s the next logical step from Dragon Nat7urally Speaking.


  2. You were very well mannered there in not stealing Trixie’s food – there is nothing worse than a slow eater! Well done Tucker and Dennis! Of course you will need to get your own laptop – talk nicely to the New York visitors.
    Have a good weekend. xxx


  3. Oh, you two are such sweet, polite, cats spiders dogs (sorry, confuzzled, too little sleep plus too much red wine, harharhar!). Enjoy your vizslators from NY, I hope they spoil you rotten! 🙂 xxx


  4. OH wow you boys are well behaved!! I would have be muscling my way in… guys who is the better us boys or the ladees?!
    We hope you and your momma and dadda have a lovely visit! 🙂 Just don’t stay away too long! 😛 hehe
    It’s so nice to catch up with people 🙂


  5. What is that thing? It looks like water fluffalo or something. I couldn’t see its horns cause its head was down, but I would watch out.



  6. Dennis, I could tell you thought that food wasn’t gettin’ inhaled NEARLY fast enough-I’m sure you’d have engulfed yours and everydog else’s with one paw tied behind your back and fries on the side!


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