dada went to palomar and all i got wuz to stay home with mama

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weekend dada and his gests went up to neerby palomar mowntin ware they hav the faymus teleskope wot wuz yoozd by galilayo to discover aliens on joopiter and also to disproov the foolish noshun that the erth revolvs arownd the sun meenwile i got to stay home and hang owt with mama ha ha in yore fayse dada!!!

as yoo can see dada wuz persood for a wile at first by ninja hedjhog bikers wot thawt i mite be in the car with him:

fortchoonatly dada wuz abel to evayd them by pulling off the rode and pretending to be a toorist verry clever dada!!!  hmm the ninja hedjhogs seem to be loozing there tutch probly becuz there seekret trayning facility had to close as a result of budget cutbaks

wel wunse he evayded the ninja hedjhog bikers dada and his gests wer abel to sayfly reetch the top of palomar mowntin frum wich they cud see other mowntins such as this wun:

now i am not shoor but i think that wite stuf on top of that other mowntin is calld snow wich is of korse an illisit substanse wot is collekted on the mowntinside and then sold for a tidee profit to peepul wot wurk in the mithical land of hollywud

mooving further up the mowntin we can see the lardj wite egg wot howzes the faymus teleskope:

wun day this egg wil hatch and the feersum mothra will emerdj to terrerize the reedjun but for now mothra stays asleep and the telescope peesefully observs the hevvens

it is common nolledj that ekstraterrestreeals hav ben keeping an eye on the palomar telescope to mayk shoor it duz not detekt there invayzhun fleets wot stand poyzd to tayk over the wurld in this pikcher dada has inadvertently kaptchoord a spayship frum the planet pepsi wot is observing the observatory:

so if dada disappeerz yoo no why it is becuz he has been kidnapd by the pepsi aliens or posibly the rival cocacola aliens

it wuz verry windy on the monwtin that day and so the wind bloo over wun of the big trash cans — or maybe it wuznt the wind!!!

ha ha wenever their is trash their yoo wil find tucker ha ha ha ha aaaaiiiiiieeeee!!!!! jiant stuffie!!!!!! run away run away run away seek shelter inside the jiant egg!!!!!

ok now this is a pikcher wot wuz tayken inside the foyer of the jiant egg in this pikcher yoo can see mr hale wot is the person the telescope is naymd after:

mr hale wuz a verry prominent figger hoo sadly wuz enkaysd in carbonite by the notoryus jabba the hutt for nonpayment of parking tickets but roomer has it that wun day wen the wurld needs him mr hale wil be freed frum his carbonite shell and return to sayv us all!!!!

ok mooving on heer is a skale model of the two hunnerd inch meeror inside the telescope as yoo can see frum the honeykome pattern the mirror wuz constructed by speshally jenetically enjineerd beez wot mayk glass insted of hunny

i am shoor that my frend anna the buzzy bee girl cud fil yoo in on theez bees if yoo wud like more informayshun abowt them

heer is a pikcher of the bottom part of the telescope ware the ful sized bee manyoofaktchured mirror resides:

and heer is the telescope with its smal clone wot is nown as mini me

and sadly heer is all that is left of an astronomer wot wuz yoozing the telescope wen he attrakted the attenshun of those notoryus spayse vampires frum the faymus dokyoomentry lifeforce:

his empty dust fild clothing is left hanging heer as a warning to evrywun not to mess with the spayse vampires this meens yoo nice reederz!!!!

mooving arownd bak we see a teevee satelite dish wot probly has more teknolodjy in it than that entire jinormus telescope:

oh shoor the telescope mite advanse owr nolledj of the yooniverse and stuf but this littel dish brings in teevee and so theres no comparison!!!! ha ha ok mooving on heer is a sine owt frunt of the visitter senter wot sez not to pik the ferns:

ummmmm ok shoor we wil not pik yore imajinerry ferns nor wil we pik doller bills off yore imajinerry munny tree nor wil we steel imajinerry gold frum yore imajinerry leprekawns ha ha no offens to enny non imajinerry leprekawns hoo may be reeding this of korse!!!

now heer is a pikcher of a top sekret projekt wot is under konstrukshun in the palomar gift shop:

yes this is a seventy bajillion doller observatory ware verry verry small astrofizzisists wil be investigayting verry verry small fenomena such as kwarks and nootrinos and higgs bosuns and gary coleman i am shoor that my frend laura the fizzisist can giv yoo more informayshun abowt theez fenomena if yoo shud want it

and now heer is the faymus bloobird of happiness!!!

hay bloobird of happiness stop hanging arownd palomar alreddy we cud yooze yoo down heer!!!  slacker!!!!

wel mooving on frum the observatory we can see that dada and his gests hav aksidently wanderd into the land of mordor ware burned owt slopes spred as far as the eye can see:

hay hmm i think i can see my howse in that last wun lets zoom in a littel closer!!!

hmm ok maybe i cant kwite see my howse but i can see the power plant in carlsbad wot is like seven hundred miles away on the coast of the oshun!!!! wow it is troo on a kleer day yoo reely can see forever!!!!

wel after that dada and his gests deesended frum the mowntin to the socalld lake henshaw wich may be a layk or posibly may be a verry lardj puddel i am not shoor wich:

hay thanks their were a number of birds flying arownd abuv the jiant henshaw puddel:

as yoo can see the aliens are stil keeping an eye on dada hay dada it wuz nice nowing yoo ha ha ha aaiiiieeeee jiant stuffie agin!!!!! run away run away run away!!!!

wel as yoo can see this wuz a verry trawmatik day fild with aliens and jiant stuffeez and menny close calls so dada wuz lukky to mayk it home in wun peese!!! so wot did he do wen he got home??? he started yoozing the verry daynjerus weed eeter on the very steep hil behind the fense!!!

boy dada yoo shoor do like to liv on the edje ha ha ok bye

21 thoughts on “dada went to palomar and all i got wuz to stay home with mama

  1. WOW, Dennis…your dad can sure take photos! These are fabulous! I am sure he had a great time. I KNOW you have to admit that your mom treated you like the KING you are!!!


  2. geez dude, you are so lucky you stayed home. Pepsi Aliens? Mothra? Giant Stuffies? Humans encased in carbonite!??!?! Your Dad is one brave dude. I’d stay far away from that place for sure.


  3. I’ve been up Palomar Mountain. Do you live in San Diego. I grew up there!

    Dennis says: hello nevis no we liv in oshunside i hav herd that mama and dada had pland to moov to the mithical land of sandy eggo but they cudnt aford to by a howse their so they moovd heer insted i bet they cud aford a howse in sandy eggo now but then they wood hav to sel the howse they hav now and that just duznt seem like a gud idea rite now for sum reezon ok bye


  4. 1.Very cool photos.
    2. I wonder how much Pepsi has to pay the aliens to use their ship design as a logo?
    3. The motorcycle video was fun.
    4. The telescope is very cool.
    5. You got to stay with Mama – good day for you then!


  5. Dennis these are great photos – we really liked the scenery with the mountains! Are you sure your Dada was not in Scotland?
    Now there were other things on that journey that made it better for you to stay at home.
    We would have hated for you to meet up with these scary hedgehogs and giant stuffie bear.
    We were also a bit worried about the alien spaceship – we wonder what the aliens would have thought of Dennis the Vizla!!!!!


  6. Fantastic photos. Did you notice that the mirror size has a ” after it so it really reads 200 inches inches. So do we multiply the inches & it’s really a 40000 inch mirror??? Just wondering

    Dennis says: hello tony hay yoo ar rite gud eye!!! see that is why yoo wil survive the zombie chikken onslawt!!!! wel ennyway i am shoor that smart peepul like the folks at caltek and jabba the hutt woodnt hav mayd a mistayk so yoo must be korrekt!!! ok bye


  7. WOW Really Great photos!!! Looks like a fun Adventure, looks like the my first Bear had fun too. A little concerned about the Alien I hope your not being followed.


  8. Deer Dennisthevizsla,

    U bee smrt.
    Pleze to be teach me da wayz of learnedness.
    All dis tawk bout alienz an pepsi an bluebirds and space and hedgies is makin me hunggy.
    om nom nom.
    Clazzes start afer lunches.



  9. Well holy cow or shuld I say chikken that teleskope wuz insides a giant egg?? Duz that meen that there is tiny teleskopes insides the little eggs wut Mummy alwayz gets out of the chikken howse?

    Yer pal Dozer


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