19 thoughts on “My Dinner With Tucker

  1. Did you put your napkin on your lap? Uh … do you HAVE a lap….???

    BTW, it has taken mia ragazza THIS long to stop laughing (so hard that she had to have oxygen) to comment on your Palomar post from yesterday. Oh, the humoranity …


  2. Tucker, the people at your dinner party sure look pixilated!

    Dennis says: hello twobarkingdogs hay yes i hav notisd this as wel!!! i suspekt they may be aliens frum the planet pepsi but we wil see ok bye


  3. Tucker how did you get ups on that chair?? My old dawg legs wont stay put when I trys that. Enny advise you kin gives me frum one old dawg to another?

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. That’s funny we were just eating at a friends house the other day and their dog was sitting in her chair at the table. She has her own chair and she was so quiet.


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