The Adventure of the Picture of Dennis the Vizsla

Hello good readers.  This is Tucker the Vizsla.  Recently a picture surfaced purporting to show Dennis and myself sleeping in close proximity.  While some have called this picture a “mirror image”, others have noted here and elsewhere that while Dennis appears to be young, I appear to be old.  And yet once I was the young one!  Could it possibly be a coincidence that after Dennis showed up, I became the “old dog” in the house?  Let us investigate.  Come, Trixie!  The game is afoot!

Let us begin by examining the evidence to prove that, once, I was indeed a young vizsla dog. In this first picture, you can clearly see that I am holding my own against Trixie, the alpha dog of the household. Obviously only a young and energetic dog could perform such a feat.

“You can’t beat me — I’m young and strong!”

Next, here is a picture of me at a dog park greeting a German shepherd puppy. As you can see, we are nearly the same size, so obviously I must be a puppy in this picture as well.

“Why yes, I am a young dog, thank you for asking.”

Now let us take a look at Dennis’s arrival and its aftermath. These pictures were taken shortly after Dennis was rescued. As you can see he looks tired and sick, and in fact, my mama spent the first several days referring to him as “old man”.

“I’m so tired.”
“I’ll just lie here and sleep all day long.”

Ah, but what does Dennis look like now? Let us see:

“Throw it throw it throw it throw it throw it!”

Obviously, Dennis has gotten younger since he started living with us! But what has become of me?

“I’m so tired.”
“I’ll just lie here and sleep all day long.”

The evidence is incontrovertible. Dennis has gotten younger, while I have gotten older. Therefore, it must be the case that Dennis has stolen my youth and vitality, no doubt using the same sort of evil magic that was originally discovered by the infamous Dorian Gray.

The Picture of Tucker the Vizsla

So when you are enjoying Dennis’s antics, just remember, it is his fault that I am old. QED — the case of why Tucker is old and Dennis is young is closed.

Elementary, my dear Trixie. Elementary.

27 thoughts on “The Adventure of the Picture of Dennis the Vizsla

  1. You are both young at heart, to me!
    I can not keep up with you guys!
    Get lots of rest, and stay handsome and sweet!
    Love your adventures!


  2. All of you are beautiful, lovely pups.

    (Dennis did look quite old when he arrived. Has he had “work” done then?)


  3. Oh, Tucker, fear not! Your wit, intelligence, charm, good looks — all are simply ageless! (Side note: it breaks la mia ragazza’s heart to see how sick Dennis was in the early photos … sooo glad he’s in a happy home now with a loving famiglia and lots of amici!)


  4. Tucker you will never be old – you have a young spirit. The pictures of Dennis were great, he looks so confident and well now. You have done really well to look after him and teach him all your wise ways.
    Age and wisdom can never be replaced by youth! xxxx


  5. This is my first visit to your blog. I mostly hear about Dennis the Vizsla, and didn’t know there was a Tucker. Maybe you ought to get out more, spread your name around, let people know you are active and busy. That is what I am told keeps us young. Do enough and you might wind up YOUNGER than Dennis . . .could happen!



  6. I don’t think it was Dennis at all! It must have been one of Trouble’s Majik Aging Elixers. I hope you guys don’t share water bowls with anyone …. Who knows what Trixie and “that cat” have up their paws ….


  7. Hey Tucker, it’s obvious that Dennis took some of the money he made on all of his businesses and used it on a cosmetic surgeon. How ELSE could you explain how “beautiful” he looks now? The real Dennis can be seen in the earlier photos. I also think he is bleaching your face white while you are sleeping to accentuate the differences between you. He just wants to steal the show by making you look bad and himself look even better. Has he been hanging around any Hollywood types and learning their tricks?

    Behr Behr 🙂


  8. Age is all in the Mind …! THink Young Tucker and you’d be just as young as that young pup there Dennis.

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy of Dog Woods


  9. LOL Case Closed. Oh the Joys of Youth!!! There’s always an old dog cam it’s like a puppy cam. Ive thought of posting one here but I may still wait a few years some days our sweet Makwa is pretty slow and also likes to sleep. But there are the days when she like to play Frisbee.


  10. Aww, poor Tucker….diddums etc.
    Anyway, your grey makes you look distinguished….and Mum is oohing and aahing over your “i’m so tired” pic, she says you look handsome 😀
    We enjoyed this adventure!
    Slobbers xx


  11. Ah Tucker, you are only as old as you feel my furiend! You still look pretty great to me! Just think of what a great thing you did for Dennis too….you are responsible for restoring his youth and vitality. Great detective work!



  12. Haroo Dennis!

    Woo iz luking much bettur now. Did woo hav da mange too? Waldo lost all uv his hayr too it, and mommee called him “Da Hayrliss Wondurr” fur a wile.

    Gus and Waldo

    Jim says: Dennis had demodectic mange and hair loss on probably 60-80% of his body. It’s taken a long time but his coat is looking a lot better these days. Is Waldo fully recovered too?


  13. OMG!!!! that is the cutest picture of denis and tucker! they r sooo cute 2gether!!! my friend moo has a viszla! i luv that doggy! l8r, bi =P


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