The Battle of the Jack

Youthful Exuberance vs. the Alpha Dog vs. Old Age & Treachery

Old Age & Treachery wins again!

17 Comments on “The Battle of the Jack

  1. I am almost 10 and I have a young boyfriend coming to visit this afternoon. He likes to think he can win, but my mouth is bigger and I can always fit way more stuffies in mine than he can in his so ha!


    P.S. I might be in love with Tucker. I am considering adding him to my boyfriend list.


  2. You guys brought a smile to my face with all of that running around and being sneaky! It looks like you had it all staged out! Perfect entertainment!!! Get some rest…in between takes!


  3. lolol Dennis you are such a silly.
    You and Pierro could be play buddies
    I agree,Tucker, the youngun’s are just nutso.
    Get the stuffie!!!!


  4. Tucker! You are so wise. First of all, Dennis is acting like a total fool. Way more energy expended than required. And Trixie, the Water Fluffalo doesn’t have much of an attention span. I like your strategy.



  5. Dennis, do you EVER get tired??? You really don’t need anyone to play with you do you! Your siblings are very patient buddy.


  6. Victory to the old bloke. I’m a bit disappointed to see how much you are scared of a girl Dennis.
    Was this post a filler too? it filled up quite a bit of my precious time waiting for the outcome 🙂

    Jim says: A bit, yeah. 😉


  7. Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. You wore yourself out while Tucker conserved his energy and sent in a ringer to protect the toy. Poor baby!



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