joorasik bakyard!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk wot wuz going on in my bakyard the other day!!!

i am pretty shoor theez littel guys must hav followd us bak frum the joorassic peeryod that time that we aksidently ended up in the past and trouble the kitty had to reskew us i hope they arnt going to git reely big and stomp on us like they did the doghowse of justiss!!!

oh by the way dadas vaykayshun offishully starts tooday and he sez that this post is filler mateeryal wich i gess meens it cud be yoozd inside of a stuffie ennyway i dont reely no wot he is tawking abowt but he sez that their mite be more filler mateeryal for the nekst week or so ok dada wotever just as long as i keep gitting brekfast and dinner!!!  ennyway i gess i wil not be arownd as mutch as yoozhual for a bit but i wil stil try to stop by and see evrywun and post sumthing evry day even if its just a pikcher of tucker beeing cranky wich shudnt be hard to git ha ha ok bye

20 thoughts on “joorasik bakyard!!!

  1. Hey Dennis when we lived in Florida we had them creatures. We chased them when we first got there but they are fast. So I said to Meja ‘let’s just wait till they get tired and then we’ll catch them.’ But guess what? They never gotted tired! I think they live on super joose or somethin.



  2. Have a good holiday Dennis – we had no idea what those creatures were. You could be right – they could be prehistoric. Just be careful – you don’t know who sent them……. xx


  3. Whether it’s the dogs playing or lizards scooting on the fence, the videos always get Kip, Inca and Chase up in my lap to watch. They really appreciate the entertainment value.


  4. We have lots of lizards around here, too! They are always trying to show off and do push-ups and stuff. Here is a secret: if you play with one too hard, their tail will fall off. They must be very poorly made.


  5. Hey Dennis are you sure that isn’t a video of your daddas personal trainer showing him how to do a proper push up?


  6. What is this nonsense about filler? If dada is on vacation that means more quality Dennis time, right?

    I don’t know what those things are. We do not have them here in Master Chew Sits. Have you tasted them?


    Dennis says: hello mango yes yoo mite think that but evidently dada thinks vaykayshun meens he gits to galivanting arownd the countryside with his visitters!!! but i wil try to perswayd him that it reely meens more kwality dennis time as yoo sugjested oh and as for the lizards i hav not tried them myself but i heer they tayste like chikken ha ha ok bye


  7. Here lizzard lizzard lizzard. I am not a Chiwawa and I does not know wut I would do if the lizzard complyed but I still likes saying that.

    Yer pal Dozer


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